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Attack hi guys, introduction


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Hi guys,

I'm just introducing my self as I have been lurking on her for the last two weeks.
I have been reading reading reading ... and stumbled upon the Dukan diet quite by accident, initially hearing about it when kate middletons mum used it to get into shape before the royal wedding.
had a little read about it but wasn't interested, ( kind of misguided and thought it was another Atkins diet).

Then out shopping two weeks ago and in cheap book shop saw the cook book for £3 so bought it ( like a bargain).

when I read the book realised that it's not like atkins, and I could actually follow this method of eating.

so here I am now all prepared and starting Dukan tomorrow.

Bought my bran from Holland and Barrett ( as they had the medium grain one), and bought the rest of ingreadients from Asda.

My start weight is 13:6 and on the Dukan calculator they say I should be 10 stone 10lb.
I want to be 10 stone exactly so going to aim for that.

I'm 5ft 5" .... will try and start a diary ( anyway enough waffling )

and once again Hi all.:)

ps ignore ticker below I need to edit it.
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Hi Tryer! I started the Dukan diet today. It's been ok, but I have no confidence if I'm doing it right!

Good luck!
Hi - I have been on the Dukan diet for a week, I can honestly say it is the best diet I have ever done!! I have tried sw, ww, Atkins and Cambridge.
Dukan changes the way you eat and how you feel about food - seeing the scales change is the biggest motivator ever and there are some fantastic recipes on here to help you out
Good luck!!
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good luck... its the best diet ive ever tried and im confident ill see it through to the end


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I recomend Slimming world to you both. x
Thanks jam master jay. But in the past Ive done slimming world, weight watchers, lipo trim, lighter life, Atkins and Cambridge . Can't afford Cambridge and really can't have shakes. Atkins I can afford but didn't like the full fat menus. These two I had the most success. To me the stages of dukan seem more sustainable.
I will give it a try with all my heart (I've not been on a diet for the last two years). if no success then I don't know what to do to get a healthy BMI / weight.

Cheers Tryer x


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Thanks to you all for encouraging welcome and heads up posts. I really hope it will change how I eat and think about food.
Auntyspan I'm sure you will do just great. I went throught the dukan book and highlighted what I thought was important, and so I could reference it when needed.

Also have had 3 attempts at making the galletts (sp) until I got it right. (trying to be as prepared as possible).

Ellie1969, I think I will be like you seeing this through to the end.
I feel so excited and positive.

Once again thanks everyone for support and for this fantastic forum. X


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Hi good luck I'm going into my second week on it and I've got to say I've loved it xx
S: 10st8.0lb C: 10st8.0lb G: 9st3lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I thought I would post here what I had yesterday, just so people could run their eye over it and tell me if they think I'm doing it right?

Breakfast - 1.5tbsp oat bran mixed into 0% Total yoghurt and sweetener
Lunch - 4 x slices of turky breast
Tea - 1.5 chicken breasts cooked with some thyme
Snacks - pot of low fat cottage cheese, sf jelly (1/2 sachet) bit more 0% total yoghurt, 7 x glasses of water.


Breakfast - 1.5tbsp oat bran mixed into 0% Total yoghurt and sweetener
Lunch - mackerel mixed with some lf cottage cheese
Tea - rest of the chicken from last night

Questions - can I have diet drinks - coke etc? Can I have flavoured yoghurts?

Does that sound OK?
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hi tryer, I'm the same height as you and started at 13.9, the calculator told me to aim for 10.10 as well.. I'm currently at 11.2, & going to re-evaluate how I feel when I get there. many would advise not to lose too much more than the dukan true weight as it's more difficult to stabilise..! good luck, you're definitely in the right place!
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Welcome and good luck :). I think Dukan is very good if you truly care about long-term healthy eating as well as losing weight now. You learn that low fat, low carb and plenty of veg can taste lovely - and oatbran is fantastic for your body.


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hi guys thanks again for your welcomes,

I really intend to make this a life long journey, to the point where it is just natural to eat healthy.
I have some events that I want to look good for , actually no scrap that look hot for ha ha ha... so i will keep that as my initial motivation.

quick question are people doing the 20min walk a day?
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I try and make sure I do a minimum of 20mins exercise a day - walking, swimming or Pilates. Walking tends to be 30mins, swimming 15-20mins and my weekly Pilates class is generally an hour and 15.
S: 17st4lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st1lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 6st6lb(37.19%)
You probably will feel tired for the first few days so don't try and do too much - the 20min walk is just right for the beginning and you can then build up more exercise as your energy levels rise. I do at least 5 miles walking 5 times a week and Pilates for an hour twice a week. You could swim for 20 minutes instead?


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Will star doing some moderate 20 min exercise think I will go on either the wii fit or kinect tonight.

I put this in my diary but will ask here as well.....

Not had brekkie yet as got up late and didn't set the alarm.
So question is what do you guys do if your in a rush and have no time for brekkie and are in work so can't
Just get up and leave and go asda, do you wait it out till lunch and fill up on water.
Think that's what I'm gonna have to do till 12. ( I think I've got to be more mentally prepared of thinking " if in rush and have no eggs and bacon for brekkie then I will need to start thinking what can I have on the go,) ANY IDEAS?

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