Hi. How you all doing?

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by Lexie_dog, 23 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. Lexie_dog


    Just a wee drop in to see whats happening with you guys?

    I'm down 1 stone and a bit since starting Cambridge a few weeks back, but not forgotten my favourite Atkins board.
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  3. joshuasmummy

    joshuasmummy Full Member

    Hi Lexi
    Im still here complete with my new ticker
    Sadly havent moved scales wise since we last spoke but at least thats not a gain
    Hope you dont mind me asking but when you went from Atkins to Cd that would have been a big jump in carbs you have per day so did you gain temporarily and did you come out of Kaytosis and what CD are youl following
    Love Axx
  4. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi Lexie Dog. Sounds like you are going great guns on CD. Well done!

    I am still doing my combination of Exante and low carb and its still coming off, so I am very happy.

    Joshuasmum, if CD is like Exante, then you stay in Ketosis. I have 3 packs and a low carb meal and and am on around 50g per day. I stay in ketosis on this no problem.
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  5. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi Lexie, I'm fine love. :wavey:
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  6. Lexie_dog


    A bit of a jump, its going from induction levels to something like 50g of carbs a day, but I'm still in ketosis. Didn't gain at all.

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