hi i`m new and it feels like the first day of school again :)

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  1. seline_81

    seline_81 Member

    hi i`m new on here as u can probably tell :)i`ve read a few threads and feel that slim fast would be a good choice for me.

    could a few people tell me their daily diets so i could maybe get some ideas and try to make a plan of my own?
    for instance when should you have your first shake and also could you have a shake for dinner and have a proper lunch as i tend to be less active at night :)
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  3. Hi Seline

    Im new too!! I just wanted to say hi and good luck with Slim Fast. Day 3 for me and so far so good!

    Love Sally x
  4. seline_81

    seline_81 Member

    :rolleyes:hi :) good luck to you too. i didnt start today as i havent really eaten anything so thought would start a clean day tommorrow. :) how are u feeling so far?

  5. Im good thanks, not feeling too hungry and not craving anything yet! fingers crossed we both get a good result in our first weeks!

    Ready for another day tomorrow and im strangely looking forward to be strawberry shake for breakfast - strange!

    Love Sally xxx
  6. seline_81

    seline_81 Member

    I started with banana :) mmmmm well I had a pleasant surprise actually I found out that my scales at home are showing me as being 2lbs too heavy :) what a nice start to the day.

    I`m going food shopping soon but definately getting all he right things especially after reading all the superb tips for snacks and evening meals :)

    keep up the good work it`s great you havent got any cravings that means your really mentally into it :)

  7. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    Quite ofen I have a shake a meal then another shake I don't think it matters as long as your getting your shakes and dinner, sometimes I don't have 2 Slim Fast shakes and instead have a 250 calorie meal.

    Good luck to both of you with Slim Fast and your goals x
  8. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    hi and welcome to you both
    i too sometimes have a meal, but tend to stick to anything with sililar nurtitional values or less, and then take a vit sup that day.
    this tends to be on the weekend, as its nice for me and the hubby to sit down to a meal together....

    good luck with your weight loss journeys, and keep us posted....
    feel free to ask any questiions...

    i tend to have my breakfast about 9-9:30, lunch around 1pm, and then dinner is about 7:30-8pm. (as i dont get home from work till late)
    then i have snacks inbetween if i want them...
    the 100cal snack thread is a great one to study, and write loads of them on the shopping list....
    hope its all going well over the weekend!
  9. hi everyone, thanks for all the replies. so far the week has been fine, finding it quite hard today though as its x factor night and that usually means a glass of wine. im not eating all my cals as im trying to have the will power not to snack. having about 900 per day. do you think this is ok? suppose i shall find out on Monday when i get on the scales!

    well i hope your all having a fab weekend. keep the hard work up guys!

    Love Sally xxx
  10. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    yes you can have your meal as a lunch (or breakfast if you really wanted to) and then shake or meal bar for the rest...
  11. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    can i ask why you want to go so low in the cals????
  12. Hi Kes

    No other reason really than i want to get out of the habit of snacking cos this is my fall down. i find if i eat a snack mid morning or aftrnoon it actually makes me hungrier and wanting more. Going to try a hot choc at night to get my calories up a bit.

    Can i ask is there away of knowing if there are new posts on this thread? im still finding my way round!

    Love Sally xxx
  13. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    If you go to user CP you should automatically be tracking any posts that you've posted into so if there are new posts they will show there :)
  14. Thank You!!

    Love Sally xxx

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