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Hi I'm a newbie!

I'm a newbie to exante. I'm on my third day and found it quite tough, felt really spaced out and realising how many food adverts there are on tv!
I have done lipotrim many years previously and know I wanted to do a VLCD again but actually make the weight loss stick this time but there was no way I could handle the lipotrim products again :)9529:)so goodie led me to exante! Google also led me here! Thanks to some pretty judgemental friends I am so in need of some support through this thing just so I know that I'm not alone so just wanted to interest myself and say hi!!!!
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Good luck - you can do this!!!!

Hi! Good luck, hope you get over the initial bump soon. I'm new here too and have never done one of these types of diet before. Going to be starting in a couple of weeks.

Nice to meet you :)
Hello. :)

If you've done the first 3 days you're probably over the worst of the initial "strangeness" already, so hang on in there!


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi Gilly and Shuffler. Welcome and good luck.


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Hello Gilly105,

Welcome to here. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Judgemental friends? Gilly any friends who judge you and do not accept you for who you are are not 'friends'
" Until you walk a mile in another man's moccasins you can't imagine the smell."

Love Myr xxx
i had trouble with some of my friends understanding it in the beginning so when I restarted it this time, i kept it quiet.
Now my weight is really coming down, those who were dismissive about the diet are actually considering doing it!
I think people find it hard to understand that its not a way of eating for life, its a means of purely losing weight, I think of it as my medicine for me to get better.

I had trouble convincing my friend that piling back on the weight is not exclusive to a VLCD!
The hard part of finishing ANY diet, regardless of what you follow is to not get complacent and to realise that you will allways have to eat things in moderation for the rest of your life.

anyhoo....... Morning all! :p
Hi Gilly,
Nice to 'meet' someone else who is having problems with TV adverts! I'm new to Exante too - I'm on day 6, and boy did I struggle to get past day 1, so you're doing really well!
Good luck on your journey x
Sorry its been the first time today I have had a chance to log in! I know my friends are only concerned and it comes from a place of love but I m sooo over explaining VLCD all the time so just easier to stay schtum!

Been very busy today and not really noticed the hunger so think I need to fill my day with lots of little activities!
I think some people underestimate the amount of thought and pro/con weighing that anybody deciding to do a VLCD have to really do and also the real need to step back from conventional food - it's not exactly something you can do half arsed. The only person I've told is my best friend and I probably wouldn't have told her if it wasn't for the fact we live together. As far as family is concerned they just think I'm cutting out processed food and refined carbs. And as for friends, they're used to me turning down biscuits and cake when we have a coffee together just cos I am lacking a sweet tooth in general :) my cravings are for cheeeeese...
I'm sorry, Yam! I couldn't help myself! The worst thing is, my flat mate has so much c***** in the fridge that I think it is actually an evil form of torture she has devised.
HIDE THE C******

Bad Yam

Not even 1 cube :wave_cry:
Not only c..... but blue c.....! One of my passions, and the packet I bought to go with my bottle of port that I put away under the stairs as I decided not to open it when we got back from holiday. Thank goodness she has nearly finished the c..... now.
Bren xx

Not sure I would have it on malt loaf, maybe a piece of dundee cake, malt loaf is too claggy with c.....
booze takes up a lot of room doesn't it.
I may hide it in the spare room

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