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Hi, I'm New

Hi everyone, I have been on the LT diet for coming up to 3 weeks tomorrow. I thought i would post my weekly results. It's great to see so many people doing so well. I have not got the hang of this site yet so filling in all the info on the side, I'll try later or any tips would be grateful. Thanks x

Started: 9th April 12st 12lbs

Weight 12st 12lbs
Week 1 : 12st 02lbs - 10lbs
Week 2 : 11st 11lbs - 5lbs
Week 3 : ???

My goal is to be 10st by June 09

Wish me luck on my weigh in tomorrow.:)
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A little of everything!
Jeez, you've done brilliantly!! We started at the same weight and 5wks later I'm only now hitting where you are now! LOL!
I need a kick up the ass like that. Good luck tomorrow!


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.

You'll easily reach your goal by June as long as you stick to this 100% and keep going as you are. You're doing really great!
Thank you everyone, its been a been a slog, I had been introduced to this diet by a friend who cannot stop cheating. I have introduced 2 other friends now who are finding it hard at times and the one is trying to encourage me to have a salad on the weekends. I'm fighting with those demons but am winning:)
You are doing fabulously well! I'm certain you will reach your goal.
Hi, you are doing really well!

Good luck for tomorrow!!


Here we go again!
Sleeknslim, don't let those friends drag you off the straight and narrow with salads. You're doing really well so stick to it! Keep fighting those demons.


Slowly but surely!
Welcome and well done so far you have had great losses :) x


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Well done - especially for resisting in the face of temptation.

"Friends" are strage aren't they? I wonder if there's a touch of the green-eyed monster here.

Because they are struggling to stick to the plan, they seem to be encouraging you to fall by the wayside too.....odd thing for real friends to do and well done for resisting.

Step away from that lettuce!!
Hi . You have done so well .dont let your friends sidetrack you . KEEP IT UP AND YOU WILL SOON BE AT GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D
Don't get sidetracked by your friends hun, you are doing so well and if you succumb to picking at weekends then it WILL be much harder to stick to it 100%. Keep glugging the water hunny x x


maintaining since June'09
Your results are Brilliant!!

Ignore all those people trying to sabotage you! Stay on the straight and narrow and show them how it's done! They'll still be struggling with their weight and their food demons LONG after you've sorted yourself out! xx


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Well done, very true, because yours friends are struggling,they expect you to be too, show them how its done and encourage them, they will thank you for it, oh and keep logging on here!
Keep up the good work you are doing really well. Don't let anyone sidetrack from your goal xx


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Wow well done,your doing fab hun...Caz xx

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