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Hi ladies....

I have just, literaly this morning, found out that im pregnant!!! Me and my parnter are very excited. I am very early on (about 5 weeks) but just needed to tell someone!! hehe. What a good start to the new year!! Hope you are all well x x Kelly xx
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Awww many congratulations hun, welcome to this area of the site and heres to a happy 9 months. :D xxx What a wonderful New Year gift. :D xx
Thank you!! I have worked out my dates and think im due around 6 september ish but only the scan will tell. It will be my second baby so i kinda no what to expect but i hope its not the same as first!! Had a rough time with my beautiful girl.


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Wow, can't believe we're now on September due dates! I remember finding out I was due in May! Time certainly is flying.
Aww, well I hope you have a smooth pregnancy this time. :) xxx How old is your little girl? Is she old enough to know she's going to be a big sister? xxx
Thank you. No she is only 13 months i have said "your gonna be a bit sister" but she just keeps playing lol, the pregnancy is a happy suprise! So she will be nearly 2 when babys due. I feel a little guilty really but fingers crosses i wont be as sick with this 1. Im sure these 9 months will fly as I will be looking after an active toddler! Are these babies your first?


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Awww that sweet! Not much of an age gap but don't panic, you'll do great so no need to feel guilty.
Yeah this is my first baby, so excited and happy it's unreal lol! Never thought I'd be able to have children so when I found out I was pregnant, I was more than over the moon, I was around it, under it, everywhere lol!
Awww looking forward to reading your updates and seeing how your pregnancy progresses! :D:D:D xxx
Im trying not to really think about it till im past the 12 weeks stage, just incase. its very hard tho...everywhere i look there are babies or pregnant women! Oh how lovely for u! you must be very excited!! has your pregnancy ran nice and smoothly for u? xx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Im trying not to really think about it till im past the 12 weeks stage, just incase. its very hard tho...everywhere i look there are babies or pregnant women! Oh how lovely for u! you must be very excited!! has your pregnancy ran nice and smoothly for u? xx
I know what you mean, I was a nervous wreck until I had my 12 week scan, first time mum jitters I guess?? lol! I was going crazy because I didn't have morning sickness at all, if I felt sick, it passed after 10-15 minutes so was exceptionally lucky and found it hard to believe I was actually pregnant. When I had the 12 week scan and saw the baby on the screen I calmed down loads. I'd also being going nuts with the pregnancy tests. Was doing them just to see the lines getting darker. I was nuts. ha!

The pregnancy so far has been very smooth. I had a visit to hospital the day before Christmas Eve because I had really bad pains and was almost floored by them they were so bad, got to the hospital, waited hours to be seen and luckily baby was OK. Saw a Gynae doctor and she checked heartbeat and said baby seemed to be doing fine and couldn't work out what was wrong with me. Said if I had the pains continue over a few days, to come back. Luckily they subsided over Christmas so maybe I strained something??? Haven't a clue. Never been pregnant before so got nothing to compare it to.
Baby is ok though because it didn't half jab me in the bladder earlier on tonight lol!

Apart from that, pregnancy has been running smoothly. I expect I'll struggle in the 3rd Trimester when the weather gets warmer. I'm not good with the heat. We'll see how it goes I guess. :D

Oh yeah I remember being sooo worried about everything with my first, before we went to the scan i was saying to my OH what if im not pregnant and its all in my head lol. I had a few visits to the hospital 2 mainly coz the baby wasnt moving but it was usually because she was facing my back so i couldnt feel her kicks, I also had pre-eclamsia which, luckly, never got bad i just had to have scans every 2 weeks to check she was growing. I was really unlucky i had sickness from the day i found out till the day i gave birth! not having any sickness at the moment tho just tender boobs.

Yeah im not looking forward to being 9 months pregnant in August!! Im sure we will cope somehow....

Thanks Kirsty we are early on but very excited!! xx


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Hi sweet,

huge congratulations on your expanding family!

Hope everything is a bit kinder to you this time round!

Good luck with scan, cant wait to hear how it goes in a few weeks!

Thank you, ive still got to book in with the midwife yet as not been able to do it coz of all the bank holidays and closed over weekend. Hopefuly i will have scan date soon!


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hey hon. it's my first too and i was a nervous wreck before the 12 week stage and i'm still a wee bit nervy now, but not that bad :) have my 20 week scan on wednesday so not long to wait. and bump keeps on kicking me, and even though i keep convincing myself it could be something else i can't for the life of me think what that would be, so i'm guessing all is ok :)

abz xx

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