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Hi need help

Terri22 said:
Sorry for the deep thread but I really do need some support, I'm currently on anti d's but not a down person until bout 3 months ago, just need someone to chat to bout the highs n lows of weight as I'm certain that weight is my main prob xxx sorry guys but am putting my heart on the line xxx
Hi I'm pretty sure you will get bag loads of support on here. :) I've never suffered from depression like you, but ive had my moments! It's good to talk as they say :) sometimes just writing things down helps me, and telling someone feels like a weights been lifted! So if you want someone to talk to feel free to pm me anytime x
Hiya Terri,
I'm not suffering from depression at the moment, but in the past have been on anti-d's and also had issues with anxiety. It can be really hard. I found it really helped just trying to take things a day (or part of a day) at a time.
Working on the weight I'm sure will make a difference, but good to talk things through.
I know exactly how you feel hun *hugs*. The whole weight loss/gain thing is a massive trigger and sign for me when things are going wrong. It is so important not to put too much pressure on yourself, just take each day as it comes and do whatever is right for you xx
positive vibes here for you :vibes:
Thank you all so much, feeling better today was having a really low point last night, my hubbie was working nights and I was on my own, even picked at some ham last night whoops.
Aw babe chin up. Altho im not on anti-ds i have been before and know how crap the lows are. Think of all the positive things in your life, and think of how important you are to people. It really helped me to kick the depression on its bum lol.....just feel so worthless and crappy at times, but if u see yourself how others see u :) Your doin so well too.....:D Now wheres that ham, i want a bit haha

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