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Hi new CDers

Thanks Sparkles :) it's a great first step
It sure is makes it all worth while-i am on week four I lost 7lb in my first week and only 1.5 in my second week I was devastated but could defiantly feel it in inches so stuck with it well as before I would of gave up. Week 3 I lost 5 so was very happy with that. For some reason im finding this weekend a little harder craving some food. I did have a piece of chicken last night feel so guilty all day.
Well a little bit of chicken isn't going to kill you! I had a team lunch today and have avoided telling my team about it as can't face all the questions etc just yet; so I ate, I managed to find a low calorie chicken in lettuce wrap dish which was nice but covered in parsley which I don't really like so whilst it was great to eat I didn't go crazy. The rest of my team all had cheesecake and I sat there and watched, and then watched them all feel full and sick whilst I polished my halo. I've gone straight back onto it. No point in feeling guilty- it's one of the reasons we're all here- attaching emotions to food. Food is fuel and thats it. SO you had a nibble of chicken, don't worry about it and focus on the rest of the day. I'm sure it won't effect your weightloss this week. Be strong Sparkle!
Aww thanks kittykat- I guess its just because I have but anything in mouth apart from the bars and shakes. Your right though attaching emotions to food is what I am trying to stop. Well done you sitting looking at people scoffing into cheesecake. Just think of all the beautiful clothes we will be fitting Into in a few months. :)
OO i like that Sparkles- I can't wait to be able to shop anywhere I want to - I work in the fashion industry so it literally breaks my heart not to be able to shop anywhere and clothes shopping is such a challenge to find anything that looks ok on and remotely fashionable and regularly ends in me coming home depressed and consoling myself in a family pack of malteasers ( coz that'll help me shop in topshop). I can't wait to be able to dress how I want and enjoy shopping again, although my bank balance may lose a few pounds too!

What would be your dream outfit that you daren't wear?
Really that's tough but im sure exciting and will be even better when you are fitting into everything. I can't wait just to walk into River Island and Topshop and just pick up whatever I want. My dream outfit will probably be a nice shift dress fitting me in all the right places showing off my curves- id love a nice pair of jeans aswell a pair that my ass will look good in;) what about you?
I want to be able to wear a bikini- a teeny tiny one, without looking like a beached whale! I have a control one piece at the moment but hate going to the beach or to a pool even with good friends let alone strangers as know i look awful- I spend the entire time reaching for a coverup or a sarong and hiding as much of my flesh as possible. I have so much cellulite it's soo ugly let alone all the wobbly flesh.
Clothes wise, it is tricky, so much choice! I currently buy stuff that doesnt show every lump and bump, especially my lower stomach which I am really conscious about- needs covering by all means necessary. Some might call it tentlike clothing. And something sleeveless. I'd love to be able to show my arms without worrying about bingo wings. I shall begin my search for the dream outfit! Oh and to be able to walk in heels- I'm so heavy I can't even balance anymore- I haven't worn a heel for over a decade!
Can I add......I would live to be able to go into a shoe shop and try ANY boots on!!!!! Not the ones with xxx wide calves!! That's all, I'd be more than happy with that. That is actually one of my goals I've set myself !!
Hi Robyn - how are you getting on?
Hi everyone I am on day two and would love to chat to others on CD. I have had to start on Step 2 for medical reasons but think it woukd be great to have extra support!
Hi Diamond,

This is my day 4 . Not going too bad, had a few difficult days (cinema with 30 kids -popcorn, nachos, sweets everywhere and today, helped out a school fayre, bbq, chips, ) But, I was very good , didn't even look at the bbq, (couldn't help but smell) I was chuffed with myself though coz the food and Pimms were free to helpers!!!

How are you going? First time trying this diet and hopefully the last!
Hi wannabesize12

I too am determined I will do this once having lost weight and put it all on again and some before.

Your will power so far sounds great! I'm doing ok and avoiding the usual ofgice junk. My worry is I'll become a social recluse! I have told friends and colleagues what I am doing so they don't inadvertently tempt me...

Very difficult though when most social activities revolve around food and drink! What are you methods for this?

I'm looking forward to first weigh though... not until 19 July sadly as consultant is away!

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To be honest, when I faced the goodies and when my tummy was rumbling, I just kept reminding myself of all the posts and comments I've read with people saying it's hard but bare with it etc.......I am in the frame of mind (at the mo) that I'm sick and tired of feeling fat, awkward and hot with no nice clothes to wear just the ones which fit. Also, I want to be in front of the camera, not the one always taking them.

My only 'hurdle' if you like with friends is my not drinking! NO one can believe it, I just said I've had just recently I've had bad reaction with drink so knocking on the head for a few weeks.

Hopefully, after a couple of months and the weigh lose shows they will just go with what Im doing for myself. They are good friends but want to keep my diet to close family for now, don't want people asking how much you lost? hows it going and all that. I put enough pressure on myself, don't need to feel any more even though it would be done out of kindness.

Hi all, I am on day 5 of sole source + and seem to be doing very well. Stinky breath and the occasional headache is all I can moan about so far. Feeling very motivated although the journey ahead is a little daunting with 8+ stone to lose. Will be worth it though. Also want to mention I'm new to these sort of sites and find navigating them a little confusing so please bear(bare?) with me.
Best of luck everyone, Vic x
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Hi Cosy Giraffe,

I'm new to the forum thingy so don't worry it does get a bit easier once you have a 'click' around.

This is my 1st day on my second week. Lost 6lb first week so happy with that. It's now I feel the long road starts, I seem lucky and didn't have headaches nor bad breath but breath did smell slightly of pear drops which is another sign of ketosis.

Anyway, hope you get on ok with the products ( I can't stand any shakes Yucky to me) But love everything else Ive tried.

Good Luck

Well Done Robyn,

That's a good weight gone. I like seeing the ticker go down (sad I know) I liked doing my first lose on it.

It's going to take time to shift this lot off me but I really do feel poo with clothes / weather etc all the usual we all feel. X

Let's keep going!! :)

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