Hi - new on this site!


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Morning ALL
I've been using DH forum but so many of you guyz are here I thought I'd pop over. I joined over 50 days ago on the LL programme & have currently lost 30lbs with 26lbs to go!!!

Just embarked on a gym programme so legs this morning feel like two blocks of concrete attached to my hips, arms just as bad!

I recognise many of you from your posts, I usually post on Fat Ass's Thread as we started together & formed a friendship. She hasn't been on so much lately so I thought I would try here.

Finding my way round a bit better & look forward to chatting to you all!

I'm off to find me water bottle & commence glugging.

Speak to you all soon
Luv Clare
Its fab here there i so much support and wonderful people :D
Just post loads and someone always replies
Good Luck in your weightloss journeys

Hello clare- how ya doin'?

Hi Clare

Welcome to Minimins, it really is a great forum to get support and lots of hints, tips and ideas.

Well done on such a fabulous weight loss so far.
Hi Everyone,

I just thought that i would say hi, as i am a kinda newbie on here too. hope you are all doing well girls

Gem xx
new to site

Hi I am new to this site too!!
Will be starting Cambridge Diet on Tuesday 17th Oct as going to Dublin on Sunday for 2 days.....
Current weight 13 stone and would like to be about 9st 7.

Wish me luck.....:p
Hi and welcome to you all
Good luck on your weightloss journey all of you.

Hi Clare,well done on your weightloss so far.You have done well

If anyone need help just post and someone will be around to help