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Hi - New to CC

Hello, my name is Natalie and i am new to CC, fairly new to minimins and MFP.
I tried starting of with WW but i just couldnt get into it. I really need to lose 3 stone and im hoping that CC will be the thing to help me!
I really have trouble with eating junk...i need lunches at work that are filling and not too high in calories. If anyone has any tips and advice i would be most grateful!

Thanks, Nat x
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Have a good nose about on here and MFP - I've found the support on CC forums is WAY more friendly that on 'other' weight loss boards. Maybe that's just me?

Good luck!

Goodluck the only tips i have is when you are hungry take a glass of water you will often find it fills you for a while. Also plan what you are going to have so you know where you have calories left for treats, don't deprive yourself of anything (Everything in moderation) goodluck!! We really are all nice around here and i agree with what i will soon be slim says i found everyone here to be really nice
thanks ladies! I am trying to plan the rest of my week....i know what i need to do, its just getting my head around not eating the crisps and chocolate! Lol
Good luck! :)
Welcome, i agree that planning is the key! I plan mine for the week ahead, i do still have trouble sticking to it sometimes but i'm getting there :D


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I am also new to the site, but personally find that the joy of CC is that I don't have to think 'I can't have .....' because I can, in moderation. I keep the lowest calorie crisps and choccies in the cupboard, so if I really want them I can have them. Often just knowing I am allowed stops me from going into 'panic mode' and stuffing myself. Maybe that's just me but that's exactly why I don't follow one of those diets that forbids certain foods. Hope that helps!
Welcome to CC!! Good luck with your journey :)
Incidentally I am a pizza lover!! I still allow myself to indulge now and again, but if I do I make sure I have a good workout before and after. Planning is the most important thing :)
Welcome an good luck :) I don't have many tips as I'm a sort of rubbish dieter lol BUT my recipe for success is

-drink loads of water every day not just when you've had a naughty takeaway lol
-you can have crisps just keep them to the under 100 ones and not every day as the salt will make you retain water an the scales will stick :(
-eat a decent breakfast not just a coffee :)
- dint let yourself get starving hungry as you'll pick at crap so leave time for meals etc an keep some low cal snacks handy for emergencies :)
-pile salad an veg on every plate to bulk it out and all the lovely nutrients will make you look an feel amazing!!!
-swap all your White carbs for brown :) you'll bloat less an look skinnier than you are :)
-try an convert to dark choc :) it's about 40 cals for two squares but if you nibble them slowly they give you the same seratonin boost as a bar of galaxy!!! I'm really loving my dark choc at the mo. Start with a lower cocoa % and work up to the hard core stuff tho!! 85% choc is quite an acquired taste lol
-don't stress when you fall off plan. It's ok. It happens. Just dust off and try again!!!

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Hi Nat, good luck with your diet and welcome to the forum. My advice for your work lunchtime problem would be to try soup - at the start of my diet I went down from large canteen lunches to a bowl of soup and a bit of bread and it took a bit of getting used to, but does fill me up. I'd also recommend scheduling in treats during the week, so have an apple with afternoon tea, except on Fridays where you can have a chocolate bar. It feels alot more manageable when you have that treat to look forward to.
Thanks for all of your support and ideas! I have a wedding to go to in September and im hoping to be at least 1 dress size smaller....i just hope i can find the will power/motivation to stick at it! :)