Hi there Newbie starting tommorrow!!!


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Hello to all. I have been following you all for a week or so struggling to get onto this site. Finally im validated just in time for tommorrow and my new start. i know its hard during first three days as I have had a go at CD and Lighter Life . I have had a rough two years, a problem at work led to major depression and a tribunal and an abusive relationship caused me to gain about 5 and half stone.
walked from the relationship and am now ready to sort me out. Have spent the last 2 yrs hiding, no social life, avoiding people in case they say anything about my weight,
It ends here. Looking forward to sharing this journey on here and hopefully it will stop be being defeated.
So Hi everyone. Let the new life begin. x
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I CAN do this
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Hello Bloater and massive hugs. Sorry to hear things haven't been great. But as you say time to start a new life :)

Good luck with your journey and if you need any help along the way just holla.


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Hi Bloater, and welcome.

Well done you for getting out of an abusive relationship, and now having the strength to start the journey to a new you. It's mega liberating losing the weight and it simply falls off so you'll feel better and better about yourself in a very short space of time. I've still got 2 and a bit stones to go but am already loving buying new clothes and even buying some fabulous ones in smaller sizes as I know that they'll fit before long. I used to think things like "they're staring at me because of my weight" whether they were or not, but as my weight has reduced my self confidence has increased and I no longer feel I'm being judged for my weight.

Do use this forum for support, we're all here for each other, through tough times as well as good times. We all celebrate each others losses, and send support when things aren't going so well. You already know that the first few days are challenging but as you can see there are a number of people who have started in the last few days who are all going through the same thing (as I will be on Wednesday when I restart!) and surviving. You will too!

Good luck!


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Hi Bloater, welcome and ditto what has been said already! I am also due to start tomorrow so will be joining you and other starters/restarters.

Good luck with your weightloss journey hun!!

Lisa x