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Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Hello Mrs M2b I have loads of weight to lose probably about 8-10 stone but I desperately need to lose about 5 before July when we get married.
I am Joining Slimming world tomorrow :)

Good luck with that, I know a few people who have had amazing results with slimming world.

I am not going with any particular diet right now want to see how I get on just healthy eating cutting down on portion size and lots of exercise. More of a life change than a diet.

Hve you started looking at dresses yet?? x

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hello Ladies, congrats on your upcoming Weddings this year, exciting ?? Are you going for conventional dresses and ceremonies ??? I love a good Wedding me !!! 5 st plus is a lot of weight to shift...do you guys have a diet in mind ?? I follow cal counting/ low fat as I am a terrible yoyo dieter !! Though I admit it is not the fastest weight loss and you will probably be looking for quicker results as youhave set deadlines!!
We are planning to renew our vows when I am lighter, it's one of my long term goals/ dreams....

Hopefully this year !!!!!

Lots of luck

Diva x

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Hi yes I have already bought my dress its Maggie Sottero Belinda
its beautiful and fits but I know it would look so much nicer if I was smaller. Its corset back so will be able to be pulled in quite a bit and if needs be I can take it in.

Slimming world is fantastic and I have lost over 7 stone before on it in the past so I know it works I just have to be focused and organised then I will do it.

Have you girls got yours yet?

Im soooo excited I love my H2B so much and we have such fun but I feel like im cheating him because I know I am happier when im smaller so he is losing out.

Hi Viva La Diva

I am hoping to have a traditional dress and have booked the ceremony in a 14th Century Vault which is stunning and lit completely by candles (very romantic). I am trying to avoid the word diet this is more about changing my attitude towards food and exercise. I myself am a yoyo dieter and find that when the diet stops and normal life resumes the weight piles back on with a little more added unless you carry the good habbits on with you forever. Now at my heaviest I know I need to change to regain my confidence etc. The wedding has just given me the kick in the back side I have needed. My worst nightmare would be to look back at photos of m Big day and think I look fat!!

Good luck with your weight loss!!

Hi Mrs M2B

Congrats on getting married soon.

As you want to lose the weight in a certain amount of time, I would recommend doing it with the support of a group or something similar. I'm not saying do Slimming World (as although I don't think of it as a diet, it really is the best thing I have ever done), but maybe speak to a SW consultant at a local class, or a WW consultant (have heard their new plan is good), or any other slimming groups in your area...just to see what they have to say and if you think it would work for you.

Of course, if you feel happy enough doing it alone, then go for it and there will always be people on here to help you.


Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Ive never been able to do it on my own. I put all the weight back on when I stopped going to class which was silly. Kirstabubble I dont think of Slimming world as a diet either its a way of life.The minute you think of it as a diet you feel deprived but I never ever feel deprived on SW.

Viva I am getting married in a hotel and the reception and everything is there under the one roof. I cant wait both my H2B and I were married before but had a very low key wedding this time we are having a bigger wedding.
Hi Kirstabubble,

thanks for your advice, I have given most diet clubs a bash and they have not worked for me, however I have never tried Slimming World. How have you found it?? Is it hard to follow?? One of my concerns is that it will be expensive and obviously all spare cash is going toward the wedding. My partner is very supportive and will be keeping an eye on me so I do not feel I am doing it alone. And now I have support on here too.

I am by no means ruling out joining a slimming club but for now I will see how I get on.

Good Luck to everyone

I've done both SW and WW and I personally find SW much easier to follow (although I did the old WW plan) and not having to count anything really is a bonus. You do have to cook a lot from scratch though, but I've invested in a £7 slow cooker from Asda which helps.

It's £4.95 a week which I know adds up when you're saving for a wedding! I can't wait to get to my target and not have to pay any more, that's motivation in itself to make sure I stay there!

I can't speak for any consultants in your area but I know with mine, you can come along as a visitor and have a chat about it all before deciding to actually join.

I think a few people on here have also just bought the books from Ebay and done it alone, which is also very handy if you get fed up with counting calories :)


Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
I lost 5 and a half pounds Im delighted I have loads to lose but im still happy :)

Wedding plans are going well its just the paying for it bit that is going to suffer as Im having work issues grr lol
My photographer is doing my photos as our wedding pressie though bless him so thats good :)