hifi light bar


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I've looked in the major supermarkets like asda and such, but I think you can only get them at group.
I agree that they are a bit expensive, but they are life savers at times! I especially like the mint hi fi bars, better than a mint aero bar any day! :)


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They are only available for a slimming world group x


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The only ones I've tasted so far are the lemon ones, and I lurrrrve them!! Think...lemon meringue pie!

I want to try the choc/orange one, and the mint one, though but can't justify spending that much money on them. We get three in a pack here, for €2.20.


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Iv seen them at group & herd people mention them, are they like a chocolate bar or a cerial bar?


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Hifi bars are 1 for a healthy extra, Hifi light bars are 2 for a healthy extra.
Are only available in groups or some sell them on eBay but they're even more expensive.


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I love hifi bars they are a saver for me though cause i tend to have one most days for breakfast. The mint ones and orange and choco are my fav. They are a great choco fix!!!


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There's loads of other cereal bars you can buy at supermarkets for much less and some are super tasty. My favourites are Kellogs Fibre plus bars. Best to grab a load when they are on offer.