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High energy exercise whilst on LL

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Hi all

Just started LL and now on Day 5 of week 1
Feeling better aleady and Ketosis strip is mid range so thats all good
What I want to ask is regarding exercise I want to get back into cycling next month when I will still be on LL
A normal sunday morning ride to Bolton Abbey from Leeds consists of following specs

39 miles
2500 Calories
2 hrs 20 mins
15 mph

My concern is that on LL with only 500 calories can you sustain exercise that you did previously. Will the body take the required calories from the fat stores or is this type of exercise not applicable on LL

Thinking about a 45 min gym spin class that would be approx 450 cals

I have read stuff about people starting running etc so where do the cals come from


James :8855:
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From reading what you plan to do, to me, it sounds a bit extreme while doing a VLCD. But, if you already do it every week and your body is used to it, you might be OK, but still, if it was me I wouldn't risk it TBH.

The gym class is certainly the safer option, at least you can stop if you feel ill/faint halfway through and go home when you want.


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When in ketosis you will feel energetic, you cant sustain the levels you would when on 2500 calories.

I would go slow and see what your limits are, there is no reason you cant have a decent high energy workout though.

When i did my burst training exercise on the tredmill i noticed the levels of energy were lower, but i pushed through it.
I wish it was "barbarically pumped" Huseyin, I really do! Fact of the matter is, it's just where my body seems to want to keep some fat for the time being! Though my chest has shrunk by 8 inches now, it seems stuck at where it is! lol

It'll have to go eventually though (I hope!)

Cheers though, your comment really did me me LOL for a good few minutes!
........so where do the cals come from ?
interesting topic.....while you're on a vlcd (LL/CD/Lipotrim etc) you shouldn't really be doing mega aerobic workouts - ie stay away from the cardio !! the reason for this is because this type of exercise (ie cardio/aerobic) needs a steady supply of carbohydrates for fuel and you just won't have it :( cos you're on a vlcd....your body can't convert fat quickly enough to sustain this type of activity (ie cardio) and you may burn lean muscle mass instead :eek: not good !

the aim of the game is to preserve as much lean muscle mass as you can cos muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, muscle is also more dense than fat and takes up 'less room' - giving you a leaner look :)

preserving muscle mass will also mean that your RMR (resting metabolic rate) will be higher when you're at goal....so you will need more calories to maintain your new weight if muscle mass is higher than fat !

light resistance training (light weights etc), pilates, yoga, swimming, walking etc are OK while on vlcd but I wouldn't advise mega aerobic workouts to burn calories.....

hope that helps....

Debz xx
You won't do it in a robot suit will you?!
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I think some exercise whilst on the diet is alright, to help with lose skin and your energy levels, but nothing to over the top, just do what you can, dont over do it, because you can end up causing yourself more harm.
Take Care.
Rachiie -ox-

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