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Hints and Tips to get through the first few weeks! Share yours.

Its only day 2, but I'm making a list of all the tricks that are helping me avoid the fridge. If you've got some pearls of wisdom, please share so we can all keep on track.

1. Minimins forum - supportive chat rules - I feel your hunger girls!
2. Distractions! Distractions! Distractions! I used to eat when I was doing nothing, now I need to keep myself busier so I don't have time to obsess over the stuff I miss most (can't even bare to type the cr**ps words).
3. Channel 5 on demand - I'm loving the back episodes of the Hotel Inspector which I am watching in the corner of my computer screen while I work.
4. Not thinking about, or looking at food - even changing the channel on TV when food ads come on.
5. Picturing that "wall", and how much I don't want to have to start climbing it from the bottom all over again.
6. Picturing myself finally fitting into all the "skinny" clothes I grew out of that are still in my wardrobe.
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nearly there!! :)
i no this sounds weird, but mine is actually not changing any thing, like i still watch all ads, cook for my oh and bab, went shopping for food for them the other day, went chippers for my bf etc!! i no this sounds weird but to me its helping cause im not making a big deal about not being able to eat or see stuff that half the time i dont notice it!!


soon to be minnie mouse
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knowing i am now the skinny minnie of the family instead of the heffer. no way am i ever going to raid the fridge as this feeling is enough for me


Have a Little Patience x

1. Finding out all of my old craft stuff and having a play again - there's tons of the stuff!! At least it will occupy my hands - although there may be times where I unconsciously fashion a bag of c***ps out of sticky back plastic and a bit of paper. :eek:

2. Cross stitch. Cos the cotton tastes sooo good. (that was a joke honest!)

3. Writing.

4. Reading.

5. Forums like this one!

Well it's a start I suppose!!
General busyness is getting me there.

1. This forums is the best to get you through!
2. My husband's support and telling me how well I'm doing.
3. My neighbour who by sheer coincidence has been in my group since the start of foundation. We've become really good friends and our daily walks help heaps.
4. My friend who started lipotrim just after I started LL.
5. My studying has kept me so incredibly busy I haven't had time to think about food!
6. My friend who have supported that I'm not going out for drinks as often for now as I'm a misery on water!
7. Having a routine makes me forget about food until the time for my foodpack!

Probably loads of other things, but for now...that's the main ones! :)
Yesterday was a rough day and what got me through was picturing that wall, and how much I didn't want to start climbing it all over again. But more importantely, I've been looking through the before & after pics here which us such a source of inspiration!


Surgically happy.
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I'm going to be sticking pictures of myself on the kitchen door, fridge door, pantry, and will probably keep one on me.

Not to shame myself but to remind me that I hate how I look and I know I don't hate myself when I'm thinner. SO I hope that it will remind me that nothing in the fridge or pantry will ever feel as good as losing weight. Nothing ever tastes as good.
Bumped! For all the girls starting the LL journey this week....
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I did a lot of talking to my reflection in my mirror when I got down, or felt weak.

There is something pretty powerful about looking deep into your own eyes and asking questions. AND, answering them honestly. ;)

Look in the mirror - ask yourself - do you want to lapse? Or do you want to grab the dream you have dreamt of for years, that is now, actually viable and acheivable.

I always found the answer quite simple. ;)

I also looked at the slideshow a lot.

And I approached the diet from day one with a zero-tolerance attitude, to anything less then success. Failure was simply not an option.

And the strong realisation that this diet is only a temporary measure - and when compared to the years spent fat, merely a minute fraction of our lives - I always found ti quite easy to resist any temptation and to stay on course.

Thats what got me throuh 100% abstinance and 9.5 stone ligther in just 8 months,

I spent 28 years morbidly obese. It took 8 months to lose it. In other words - it took me 2.8 per cent of the total time I was obese to become Normal and slim.

Worth passing up the pies any day of the week!!
G: 10st7lb
Hi all,

I find getting compliments from people I haven't seen for a while really encourages me, and also trying on old clothes that I either haven't been able to get into or have become quite tight and uncomfortable, trying them on and finding that they now fit comfortably is so motivating. I think the support of friends/family is so important, to have someone you can call if you're having a bad day. My mum used to phone me every day for the first couple of weeks to see how it was going, it really helped me stay on track.... of course now she is doing LL herself she doesnt bother phoning any more lol!! No, we go for a walk whenever I'm not working so we catch up then!! :) And of course the forum here, you can spend forever on here without getting bored so it's a good distraction!


Surgically happy.
S: 23st8lb C: 10st7lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 13st1lb(55.45%)
I made a note of a few of the things I needed to remember like:

I am choosing this.
I will enjoy food again next year.
No food tastes good enough to be worth staying fat over.
Being fat has made me miserable.
I want a girlfriend - which is harder to have when you're overweight.

It;'s sustained me.
My latest "get you through the tough days" idea...sorry to SSers for the repeat but...

Put some bottles (or similar) in a carrier bag to keep in perspective how much weight you've lost already, then keep adding to it. I've got 5 x 2litre bottles of sparkling water in a Waitrose bag-for-life and it's REALLY heavy - Can't believe that was inside me just 6 wks ago!


Getting her sparkle back
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Just found this old thread and thought i'd bump it up for people like me who are in the first few weeks of LL.

Add your own hints and tips :)

This forum has really helped me as is both supportive and makes time seem to fly by!
And if I get a craving for food I drink water (incase it's thirst rather than hunger) and just look forward to my next pack or bar, is definitely easier when I have a nut fudge bar to look forward to!
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2008 find.

For any of the long term posters:

can you remember any older threads that should be bumped up that really got you through things?


Are We There Yet?
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I am on Exante....but I suppose all is sill relevant :) I have pics on my phone of my which I will update each week. I also have pics of some lovely target dresses I have bought from a charity shop. I know I will fit in them.

Just knowing how I would feel if I messed up helps to keep my eyes on the prize.

This forum goes without saying. It is a life line for me x

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