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HockeyNut's refeed

Well I planned to start my refeed this week as I have a couple of meals during December and want to have my Christmas dinner (even if it is a low fat / carbohydrate dinner!). I have achieved my target of 5 stone off by today so I am really happy and a little scared about eating again!

So today I have had a vanilla shake for breakfast, chocolate shake for lunch and a really yummy tuna salad for tea (small tin of tuna, small bowl of lettuce with 6 cherry toms, cucumber and cress). Can't believe how full I feel. For once in my life I couldn't eat it all and asked my hubby if he wanted to finish it for me (it's usually the other way round!!).
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excellent, Im looking forward to reading all your refeed week. Good luck and stay strong!!
5 stones. That is incredible. Well done. I am half way to that.
Good luck on refeed. I'm looking forward to reading about it, as it is something I'm anxious about, already. X
YAY!! You did it!! You're refeeding. That's excellent. I'm glad you've had a positive first meal :) Tuna salad was my first meal too. Keep posting, it really helps! I finished refeed today, ahhhhh. Xx
Thank you all for your support and well done Emma for completing your refeed. Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow!

Day 2 has been another good day.
Breakfast - Vanilla shake
Lunch - Quorn pieces 4ozs
Smaller salad (lettuce, 4 cherry toms, cucumber & 2 mushrooms with balsamic vinegar).
Dinner - 4oz of smoked cod
2 tablespoons of brocolli and green beans
3 cherry toms.

I am drinking a pint of water with each meal and I am having my dinner on a smaller plate. (all the tricks that have been mentioned to me in the past and I poo-pooed! but they seem to help). I have also had a couple of cups of mint tea and a black coffee.

I am really full - can't believe it!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh well done on a fantastic loss. You must feel so proud.
After a long stint in TFR take it very slowly getting back to food. You might consider doing the refeed for two weeks.
Watch portion sizes and keep up the water.
Thank you Irish Molly for the advice and Dee for the support.

Today is potato day! Doesn't food taste fantastic when you haven't had anything to eat for a while! Even potato tastes fantastic.

Breakfast - vanilla shake
lunch - 4oz tuna, small salad with balsamic vinegar.
Dinner - 6oz salmon, 8oz jacket potato and 2tbls of green beens.
6 pts of water and a mint tea.

Went swimming after work tonight.

Really enjoying the meals and feel comfortably full.
Great menu today! I also had salmon and green beans, how funny haha. How did you find the potato? Xx
Do you know I really enjoyed the potato. Everything seems to taste so good. Today I had boiled potatoes, no salt and they tasted great. I haven't been brave enought to try bread. I might leave that to next week.

So day 4....

Breakfast - Vanilla shake
Lunch - 6oz salmon and small salad with balsamic vinegar
Dinner - 6oz tuna steak (with lime juice and black pepper), 6oz boiled potatoes and 2tbls of mixed vegtables.
4 pts of water, black coffee and mint tea.

I think I will carry on like this for the rest of the week and then introduce snacks next week. At the moment I don't need them.
I feel really good, comfortably full. And the loo problem has finally sorted itself out !!!!
woohoo excellent - keep up the good work!!

Im looking forward to starting my refeed but scared at the same time!!
I have to admit it was really scary to start with but so far so good.

Today has been a bit different as I went swimming after work and didn't get home until 9.30 which I thought was a bit late to eat a meal. So today....
Breakfast - vanilla shake
lunch - 4 crispbreads, 200g cottage cheese and a small salad
snack (yes I know I said I wouldn't have them to next week) - apple
tea - maintenance veggie soup and 4 crispbreads
5pts water
blak coffee and mint tea.

Not sure about the veggie soup - a bit claggy for my liking! but will try it again as with most things lipotrim it usually tastes better second time of trying.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh I didn't like the soup!! You seem to be doing very well and enjoying all the flavours.
Just keep watching the portion sizes. It's frightening how quickly our tums stretch and start looking for more food!!!
Thanks again Irish Molly. Do you think I had too many crispbreads?

Todays menu...

Breaksfast - Vanilla shake
Lunch - 4oz tuna and small salad
Dinner - 3 quorn sausages, 6oz mash potato, 2 tbs of brocolli
5pts water , black coffee, mint tea.

Loved the quorn sausages. They tasted great - really do notice the flavours now. Not feeling hungry just comfortably full. Making sure I don't cook with salt etc.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE quorn sausages!! I had them the other night. They are soooo good! Glad you enjoyed them as much as I did :) Your refeed is sounding great. You're really getting into it. Xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I live quorn too. It's so nutritious yet light in cals and tastes good. Hon, go easy on the crispbreads!! Two is a portion. Bulk up on salad foods or leafy veg. Parboil some mange tout and fine beans and chop them up. They bulk up a salad very nicely.
You're doing great.
Thanks for the advice again Molly. I wasn't sure if I was overdoing it on the crispbreads!

Had to get weighed today instead of tomorrow as we are off for the first of our celebration meals! Stayed the same which I am pleased with and I did get weighed afterwork instead of my normal time in the morning. So I need to go steady tomorrow with the meal. Having said that I don't think I'll be able to eat too much!


Breakfast - chocolate shake (for a change!!)
lunch - tuna salad
dinner - spag. bol. That was really yummy. The portion size was about a third of what I would have eaten 3 months ago. And I feel comfortably full again. Its no wonder I was so overweight.
4pts water - 2 mint teas

I managed to buy a dress in Sainsburys tonight. (A Gok creation). This is my first ourchase from a non 'big' store so I am really happy!
oh a big well done to you!! and buying the dress it soooo makes you feel good, I bet you will look stunning in it too!! you'll have to share some pics? have a lovely night out!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on the lovely new dress. It's such a boost seeing yourself in fab new clothes smaller than before!!!

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