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Holland & Barreth Green Tea Extract capsules

Sister just got me Green Tea capsules from Holland & Barreth, but the girl was very concerned handing them mover? Is anyone taking them. She did keep saying if i had any sort of allergies to contact my doc first, i am allergic to sea fish and chicken ? But i drank green tea before and i was ok? Bit scared now to take them lol
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Oh why sell them then? I was wondering if they were as good as drinking the tea as I have 4 cups a day cant drink anymore,I wonder though is it the fluids that we drink extra drinking the green tea that makes it work?
How much were they hun? What allergies do we have to be careful if taking them?xx
sister bought them for me, she wouldnt tell me how much cause she didnt want a penny off me, i dont think they are that much though, i thought i saw someone on here saying they were 3.99 or something like that.

My sister was a bit wary handing them over to me lol whatever the woman said i dont know, seemly they are more concentrated then green tea itself or something like that
it says allergy - contains sulphites
(IS that whats in wine cause that make me extremly sick and migraines from hell followed by sickness or am i thinking of something else?
Oh I dont know hun I cant drink white wine I get that blood vessels opening up too quick and I go bright red like me Cherry lol and I get bad mirgrianes from caffine,oh we are a good pair ;)
Maybe check online to see what sulphites are in? I know upto last week my losses have been higher than in the past and Ive been drinking green tea? x
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh very good hun well then its worth drinking it, even better capsules. Surely it cant be 2 bad. im just all paro now over the woman in H & B. I will take some before i eat later
Hiya ladies. I got some of these on Thursday and took the first ones yesterday (after reading about them on here). No one in H & B asked me anything? It just says on the label to consult your doctor if you're on medicaton. It says not to take them after 4 pm as you may not be able to sleep because of the caffeine. I got the "super green tea diet" ones at £3.99. I took one mid morning and one mid afternoon, as it saya but...I did feel very "jittery" all day and despite taking the 2nd one at 2ish, I still couldn't sleep last night. I've checked this morning and each tablet contains 198mg of caffeine! Now I'm no expert but that sems alot to me. So today I have just taken one after breakfast. I don't feel half as jittery either. It also says not to take these particular ones long term. I'll see how it goes, but looking at what it says on the internet about green tea, there does seem to be something in it, so who knows? But at £3.99 its worth a try. Let us know how you get on with them ladies :)
These have got 202mg of green tea, so obviously something different. It sounds like I've got the super duper ones :eek: lol. If they don't agree with me, and if I can't sleep again tonight, I'll probably try the other ones.
the ones i have are Good N Natural Green Tea Capsules doesnt say there is any caffine, only 315 mg Green Tea Extract and 15% polyphonels
think i must have the same ones as you! got them yesterday and had first one today ive been alright :) mine say only one to be taken daily though!! and not to exceed this huge bloody things too lol funfunfun
Your average mug of instant coffee has around 100mg of caffeine in it so you're talking a couple of mugs of coffee in each tablet.
Ok, thanks for that. Helps put it into perspective. I don't drink coffee, which is just as well lol. Just had the one tablet yesterday and slept fine.

Good luck Christie. Ooh its like an experiment lol :D
already i am in better form and i seem to want to get up and do stuff instead of sitting around, took 2nd tablet this morning. I googled it and Green Tea is good for you for most things

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