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  1. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Hi everyone! Firstly I want to say how fantastic it has been reading fellow dieters diaries, we all have the same determination to reach our goal. It has been very inspiring & motivational reading, lots of ideas and help. Thank you!! :)

    So I thought I would record my own diary so I could look back and see how I am doing too.
    I put on weight, without really noticing until my clothes felt tighter and have sort of ignored it and just tried to cut down, which sort of 'got me by' for now kinda thing. But ...and I am embarrassed to say it really..but I stopped wanting to go out socially because I felt 'too big' and my clothes didn't look right, so any excuse and I would rather stay in!
    This year I decided that enough is enough and there is only one person that can make the change...ME!!
    I did the Dryathalon for Cancer Research for the whole of January so no alcohol at all, I weighed myself at the end and had lost 8lbs! Usually I would go back to my bad habits snacking and boozy weekends but not this year!! I decided this was the push I needed to stay focused and carry on. I had a boozy weekend once the Dryathalon had finished and had seen loads of stuff about Exante. So I started reading this forum, and everything else to do with it and that was it, placed my order and on Tuesday decided to make a start. I am an all or nothing girl, so I knew the TS was the right one for me.I don't eat Chocolate so after my initial order did my own selection order too.
    Tuesday went easily and quickly, a bit headachey by evening, so drank lots of water and black tea, didn't feel too bad and had had a very low calorie day the day before to ease me into it.
    Wednesday was another issue, I felt dreadful, mouth tasted awful, head fuzz like I have never had before. didn't sleep well and felt ill, but i knew this would be short lived. Determined, I went for a nap and woke up feeling ok not great.
    Thursday the 'fuzz' was there but less and I started to feel a bit better, even felt like my body was changing early on?

    Friday I felt great, friend came over I hadn't eaten all day, they wanted fish and chips for dinner but I refused to have it. they and the family had it...I even went to order it with them but I was happy eating my bar and didn't notice them wolfing dinner down! I felt so proud of myself. I then realised at midnight that I had only had one bar so made a sachet of thai soup up and had that. Yay! I felt so proud!

    Today, I feel great, still got one of my three left to have before bed, I cannot wait for weigh in on Wednesday morning! I feel excited and really do hope my willpower keeps going.

    Anyway, that's the story so far. its helped greatly to read other peoples posts!
    I hope you are all doing well and having a great weekend xxx
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  3. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Another day done! A late night but really inspired reading other posts. I hope my willpower stays! :)
  4. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Hi star shine! Welcome aboard the crazy train :) ur doing really well chick. Ur through the worst bits!

    Reading ur post rings bells with me. I avoid social situations when I can. I even avoided a family part yesterday in Scotland because I didn't want my extended family seeing my enormous weight gain. That's bad!

    I'm all or nothing too. Exante suits me. You just have to follow the rules and the weight will come off :)

    Just make sure you have all three packs cos its got essential bits and minerals needed for the day. One if the girls was ill and only had 1 pack for a few days and she stayed the same at weigh in. So it doesn't speed up the weight loss either!

    Have a good day hun :) x

    Ht 5ft 1 Start wt 14st BMI 37. Wk1 -18lbs, BMI 33.6 Wk2 -2 BMI 33.2, Wk3 -3.5 BMI 32.5, Wk4...
  5. twinkle82

    twinkle82 Silver Member

    You're doing well hun! Learning to say no to the food around you is half the battle won, so well done you!

    I hope the rest of the week is gentle with you and your Exante journey is a good one :) xx

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  6. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Starshine. Welcome to the forum. I find keeping my own diary and following others holds me to account and also provides masses of motivation and support. Well done so far. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!
  7. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Nice to see your diary Starshine - I think it really helps :)

    You're over the worst part, now it does get a lot easier :)

    Use the support here, it is invaluable :D
  8. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi Starshine. Welcome to the forum. So many of us have similar stories & understand how you were starting to feel.

    Keeping a diary will definitely help you stay motivated & there are some useful challenges on here that are worth a look.

    Hope you have a good day, at WI you will be happy you joined us x
  9. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Hi Starshine! I started again yesterday so we're at similar start dates :) Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you're doing x
  10. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Thank you so much everyone for such a warm welcome :) I appreciate your words of encouragement. I woke up today and feel a bit shaky today but was like that yesterday and it passed so I was maybe dehydrated.

    Can you drink too much water on this plan? I drink tea, in fact it's a standard joke that if I could have intravenously I would!! I feel 'deprived' not being able to have milk in my tea but have been 100% on this plan and had green tea only, I use the tea bag for about 3 cups and just top it up with hot water ....till basically it looks like hot water and isn't as strong!

    TH I have missed lots of family events too, shocking really isn't it but weight gain really can just sap your confidence its crazy when you think about it but I am glad to know I am not alone. I really have decided 2014 is going to ring a lot of changes for me!

    Hope you are all having great days and Twinkle, I hope your 1st day with food is going really well and you are enjoying the change after 6 weeks! xx
  11. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi Starshine, I wouldn't drink more than 4L fluid a day as the kidneys can only work so hard at removing it. Tea is fine. I love a cuppa but cant drink it black so have to stick to black coffee. I bought one of the flavoured coffees & add 1/4 tsp to the ordinary coffee for a change. Its very nice. x
  12. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Ahhh ok Thank you Susie :)
    I actually can't drink coffee so I can't try the coffee range but did try the Mulled Wine for a change. That was yummy, but I only use a small flat teaspoon of it in the water otherwise its too strong. I think moving to black tea has been one of my hardest things to achieve for me! I am just about used to it now.
    Have a great day xx
  13. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Lynne that is so true! I spent a few days looking on the forum before being brave enough to post. I found Twinkles diary first and by the time I read it I felt full of admiration for her and thought the support on here was just the best. It's like a little family and invaluable support network. I am trying to get through all the diaries, as it is good to go back and see how other people were when they started out on the days I am on. I have never ever been on a forum before to be honest, I found this by chance and so glad I did :)
  14. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Good luck CP It will be great to see each others progress. I actually can't wait to weigh in on Wednesday!! xx
  15. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    I've never been on a forum either so it's a first for both of us!
  16. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    I am really enjoying the support Lynne also diaries & tips. Trying to work my way through them all so I am up to speed!
  17. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Me neither.
    Good luck for tomorrow Starshine x
  18. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Thank you Susie. I can't wait to weigh in on Wednesday as I have been 100% so far and hope it stays that way! Felt a bit hungry today but not been tempted, hope my willpower stays good.
    Have a great day tomorrow too x
  19. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    Eugh! I have had a Pepsi Max because I feel a bit headachey tonight and am just so thirsty. I usually drink a lot of Pepsi Max and notice you can only have Coke Zero. I haven't got that in. This is the first one I have had since I started Exante TS, I really hope it won't knock me out of ketosis....will it from one can? Just needed something fizzy and's 5 past 1 I should be in bed not drinking this!! :(
  20. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Hey star!

    Don't know about the Pepsi max... My weigh in is Wednesday too. So tempting to jump on them before, but I won't!

    Hope u had a good sleep and have a good day :) x

    Ht 5ft 1 Start wt 14st BMI 37. Wk1 -18lbs, BMI 33.6 Wk2 -2 BMI 33.2, Wk3 -3.5 BMI 32.5, Wk4...
  21. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Wednesday weigh in for a lot of us - roll on Wednesday!

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