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Holly's Diary

Thought I'd join you! Am veggie so only do green days. Today and tomorrow's menus coming up!

B- None (had a lie in!)
L- Pappardelle pasta
Creamy mushroom sauce
(garlic, onion, semiskimmed milk
from HExA allowance, Extralight
Philadelphia 3 syns, herbs and spices
loads of mushrooms)
S- Papaya and mango salad
D- Baked chips and a quorn steak with
a great big salad
Plus cups of tea and some diet irn bru.
Long walk with the dog

Still have HE to have, so might have 2 alpen bars later on!

B- Banana and 2 light alpen bars
L- Wholemeal roll (HExB) with low fat egg mayo filling (1 syn)
2 x Activia fat free
S- Orange, pear and grapes
D- Quorn chow mein with noodles and loads of veg (using stir in sauce 4.5 syns- Blue Dragon)

Cups of tea (using HEA milk) and squash
Walk with the dog

Ideas? Can I improve?
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Today's Menu!!!!

B- Hifi Bar

L- PAsta with a garlic mushroom sauce (using 56g EL Philadelphia - 3Syns)

S- Pear and grapes

D- Baked potato and quorn dippers (x4, 2 syns)

Cups of tea, Diet Coke

Dog walking!

THis is yesterday's plan...

B- Hifi BAr (I'm not good with brekkie, this is about all I can manage!) and a cup of tea
L- Noodles, peppers, mushroom and onion with soy sauce and 5 spice
SW chips
Ketchup (1 syn)
D- (At an Italian restaurant)
Greek Salad (with Feta- HExA and asked for no oil, but it seemed oily so am counting HExB for the olive oil.
Penne Arrabiatta (am counting 9 syns for the sauce just to be on the safe side as although it contained loads of free veggies, it was quite oily)
Coffee with semi skimmed milk (dash, half a syn)

CUps of tea
Diet drinks
(Avoided drinking at the restaurant!!!! Proud of myself!!)

Walked dog

Total syns - 10.5
Plan for today

B- Hifi bar and cup of tea (milk from HEx A)
L- Spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic and extra light philadelphia (3 syns)
D- Sausage casserole (using quorn sausage, loads of free veg and packet of sauce, 7 syns for whole packet, wille at half so 3.5 syns) served with mash.
S- Fat free activia
Fruit salad (papaya, mango, pear, grape)

Cups of tea
Diet drinks

Walk with the dog

Syns for the day- 6.5
Monday's Food (Weigh in day...eeeeek)

B- 2 ALpen Light bars (HexB)

L- Wholemeal roll (HexB) with Reduced fat egg mayo filling (1 syn) and a tsp flora light (1 syn) activia fat free, papaya, mango and apple.

D- (after weigh in)
Jacket potato with cheese savoury (HExA cheese, light salad cream 1 syn, onion, carrot) and a huge salad

S- fruit and activia light

Cups of tea and water

Long, long walk with dog
Half a pound off at weigh in!

Today's menu...

B- (late!) Activia fat free and a banana

L- Jacket potato and 42d l.f. cheese made into cheese savoury with tbsp light salad cream (1 syn), carrot and onion
Served with salad

D- Home made veg soup
Pasta with roasted veg in a tomato sauce

S- pears, apple and a Hifi bar (the lemon ones are LUSH!)

Am going easy on syns as I expect a heavy weekend.

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