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Hoorah for two breakfast days


plodding away
Every time I work a morning shift I get the pleasure of having two brekkies :D One at home about 6am just before I leave and another smallish one at 9am in work. Only problem is I am getting a tad bored with my choices so suggestions to make more of this great opportunity gratefully received.

I have been having cereal at home but I am not a big fan really and have been avoiding toast cos its just not the same without lashings of good welsh salted butter :eek: and I dont really like jam - makes me sound really fussy - I'm not usually but breakfasts are often difficult for me.

Breakfast 2 is usually yogurt, fruit, maybe alpen bar. Getting a bit boring now so looking to branch out. Going from past experience boredom had helped me to give up on plan so trying to change before I get to this stage.

Any ideas?
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Toast but with marmite (obviously only any good if you like it), crumpets, scotch pancakes, bagel with low fat cream cheese (I think you can get weight watchers ones), turkey rasher sandwich (i think 3 are 1 point). Will try to think of some others.
Oh and I know it's not the same but we have been using I can't believe it's not butter light and I think that's got quite a nice taste, not butter but not bad.
I love it too, it's great that it is free and it has got a nice strong taste. I find it good for crumpets or toast as it at least gives some good flavour without having to have too much marg/butter.


plodding away
Will give bagels a try, I imagine they will be good to carry to work. I'm not too keen on 'healthy cereals' or cereals in general but I used to enjoy the oats so simple syrup flavour. Lately have been getting indigestion after using milk so will have to find a soya one I like.

Thanks have got some good ideas already.
You could make your oat so simple with water... Really doesnt taste much different and it saves the points. I find it so filling :)
I make myself a frozen fruit smoothy for first thing in the morning. Just blend a handful of frozen berries/rasp with loads of ice and a dash of fruit choice. I pointed it at 1 because it is so good for you and berries kick start you metabolism and then have crumpets at about 10.30/11ish. My problem is if I started with the bagels at 8, i'd eat more and more all day long xx

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