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Hopefully a better alternative to plain water!!

Hi Everyone,

I am personally struggling to drink enough water for this diet, and drinking 8 cups of coffee to get enough fluid is keeping me awake, i'm wondering if i have found something that can help...

Volvic have brought out a sugar free flavoured water in strawberrie and lemon and lime. The nutritional label says that in 250ml it contains 7 cals 0.2g sugar. For the carbs it say Trace...

Can i/we drink this without coming out fo Ketosis?!

Oh lord..someone say YES!!

Rozzy :D
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I am struggling too, I had a cup of black coffee last night, but it tasted awful....so I've just in the process of trying it with a teaspoon of sweetener to try and see if I get that down. I would only do one or two cups a day just to keep me awake....I'm feeling tierd all the time.

if it doesnt contain citric acid it should be fine in moderation as is coke zero and dr pepper zero
I've just checked my fav drink...diet Vimto...nearly cried when I saw the 3rd ingredient is citric acid!!! Oh well just had a cup of coffee but with the sweeteners....not too bad although I had to do it with 2 teaspoons thou...but like I said before it would of be 2 cups a day just to keep the tiredness at bay.



Volvic sugar free does contain citric acid...i was allowed it in moderation on a different type of ketosis diet before....but you would not be able to drink it on Exante or any other vlcd that i can think of.

Shaz x


Still Motivated
I am personally struggling to drink enough water for this diet, and drinking 8 cups of coffee to get enough fluid is keeping me awake.
What about trying to drink decaff for the majority of your coffee drinks.

Do you chill your water? Perhaps try carbonated too? Personally I think that there is nothing worse than lukewarm still water :eek:

Love Myr xxx
I'm struggling with plain water too. I've bought Perfectly Clear, kiwi and strawberry flavour. It contains malic acid, and according to some posts here is allowed on some diets. I dilute it with tap water, and I find it quite good. It's too sweet for me undiluted. My biggest craving is for a glass or two of dry white wine!! Struggling with that one - is there anyone else!!


Otherwise known as Jools
There was a lady on Lipotrim that could only drink the Strawberry Volvic and she had amazing losses each week - but then she drank that water all the time before the diet anyways - dont know if it was just that her body was used to it :) hth

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