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horrid hateful kids :(

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ok so I'm out walking the dog just going past the playground when she sees some kids go in and leave the gate open now fizz loves to meet people and hey a perfect oppertunity!! so she goes deaf on me and runs in all the kids fuss her but there is this one little brat about 15?? who starts shouting that dogs arnt allowed in etc, i ignore her but as i leave she is still shouting abuse at me and fizz so i slambed the gate closed and told her in v loud voice that it wouldnt happen if the gate was closed. to which i got the usual its not my fault, i cant be bothered etc to which she got told she should learn to be bothered from me so then the worse thing happens she says" shut up you should go to weight watchers!!!!" how i didnt go back and ring the little gits neck i dont know but i was fuming!! but as soon as i was out of sight but not hearing unfortunatly as the insults kept coming i nearly cried :(
why are kids like this? im know we wernt as bad as kids, nasty to each other but never to adults it would have been mire than my lifes worth to back chat like that!!
now all i want to do is fall into the biscuit barrel :(
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Hi Fiona
Please dont let these kids bother you. You are right, however, even if you had been 30lbs lighter they would have still resorted to the same disgusting insults. It is just an insult that kids resort to when they can't think of anything intelligent to say (and it sounds like this lot didn't have an ounce of sense).

You wont find anything at the bottom of your biscuit barrel except getting even angrier than you are right now.

Count to 10 - take a deep breath and walk away from this physically and mentally. The insult would have been aimed the same at any adult!! I work with kids who sometimes have a lot of problems, and the range insults are very few and far between (based on their intelligence)!

Rosie x


plodding away
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I cant add any more really, Rosie said it all. When you are larger it is an easy thing to pick out and kids usually take the easy way.

Dont let them get to you I know its easier said but they are not worth any of your time.

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I know its easy to say don't let them get to you, but honestly honey don't. They're showing off to each other. * Look how clever we are, we can shout abuse at someone*. Tis not big, not clever, and certainly not worth diving into the biscuit barrel hun.
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Dont eat the biscuits, you can choose to loose the weight , but she will probably alwasy be ignorant and rude!!
Years ago when I was out in a club a guy said to me "God you're fat" So i said "Well spotted, but at least I can diet, you're stuck with that face forever" His mates rolled about laughing and he shut his gob sharpish! I've used it a few time actually!

My other fave is to look really shocked, look down at myself and say " Oh my god you're right! Thanks so much for telling me or I'd never have noticed!" That shuts them up too, bloody morons that they are!

It's just a lack of intellect that makes them bark insults.. you're better than them so don't let them win by resorting to biscuits

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Kids are defo getting worse these days, I was never like that when i was younger! Dont touch those biscuits and when your at your target weight make sure you bump into that little witch and give her something to say then. You can do it :D



Full Member
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As a mother of 3 girls (19,17 and 15) I can honestly say they are far worse than ever before, little b*****s if you ask me, I am 41 and as a teenager I wouldn't have said boo to a oose let alone an adult when I was that age, so ......rise above it and continue doing what you are doing, walk the dog where you want and be who you want, you are a better person, don't fight back with similar insults you are lowering yourself to their level but continue on your path to happiness. These children will all too soon become adults in their own right and also have to deal with obnoxious rude individuals...ha ha. Be strong and prosper.


gunna be a fatty for ever
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awwww hun!! kids are the worst arent they!!! But at the end of the day they are only immature kids! And like sky says!! they wil too grow up and have to deal with the comments them selves when they are older!!

arrrgh but it makes you soooo mad!! Pz dont reach for the biccies lol

r u feeling any better this morn?

luv katie


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I've had things like that happen. Once I was 8 months pregnant and some brattish teenage lad called me "fatty". I shouted at him "I'm pregnant you idiot!" but he still sniggered.

Also once THE FATHER of a group of kids at the zoo ushered his kids past me and said "Breathe in, fatty needs more room!"

Way to go teaching your kids to be tolerant of others and polite :mad:

I have once tried the old trick of "I may be fat but I can diet. What you gonna do about being ugly?"

Having sad all that it does hurt. Big hugs :grouphugg:
S: 14st2.5lb C: 13st8.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 0st8lb(4.03%)
hi thanks all, I didnt touch to biscuits lol i sat in the bath with a book to take the temptation away :)
this little cow is not going to stop me walking fizz wherever i like
thanks againxx

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