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ProPoints Horrific diary of a hopeful loser

Day 1 here:eek:

Mission reach goal 1lb at a time within 365 days:eek:

Since its Friday pizza and some booze tonight that should take me into my weekly points which i intend to spend over the weekend.

Will eat all my points for first week and see how the weight loss goes.
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Here to follow you hon! Good idea with the points, start off eating them all for sure :) x
Back again Day 2

Off to brewers fayre and cinema tonight as the wee man is sleeping over at a friends. So using 19pp on a beef lasagna and chips for dinner... naughty! and also have ben and jerrys at the cinema, terrible trying to get rid og these weeklies, still if im one of the unluckies who cant eat weeklies and lose weight i will prob cry lol

Still it must be less than what used to eat. I mean i was eating packets of cakes to myself then having dinner and eating packets of sweeties to myself after then supper....ridiculous.
Day 3
Better set some goals!

Lose 10lbs
Get brisk walking - 22 miles a week - starting from next friday :) - just did 2.5 miles :)
Drink water - starting from today!
Lose 20lbs
Fit into a size 18 - probably 45 lbs away :-(
Lose 40lbs
Lose 50lbs
Lose 60lbs
Lose 80lbs
Lose 90 lbs
Lose 6lbs
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Wowzers that alot of lbs.

Currently my ticker goal is 22.8 that apparently is (according to ww online) what i should be at for my height.

I have never aimed for a bmi under 24.9 I have always been to scared to try for actually being not overweight.

Quite suprised how much weight i really actually NEED to lose to be healthy for my height
These is also another issue.... skin of the loose variety.When i got pregant at 19 i suffere from terrible depression to deal with my feeling i ate and ate and ate. i put on 5 stone on in 7 months and i didnt stop eating after my son was born. Now this quick weight gain stretched me to the max my midrift is now a mass of stretch marked skin, its really bad and its also on back of my knees , arms and top of my breasts.

Im really concerned at what i will realistically look like when ive lost the majority of my fat.

I guess i will cross that bridge when i come to it.
ALmost forgot, im on 40pp a day
Feels like too many points to lose weight especially when you add in the weeklies, but im trusting weight watchers to know whats right and will see how it pans out on friday.
Hi and good luck with your journey.

On the loose skin I am told if the wieght comes off fairly slowly then the skin has time to shrink back somewhat too, but people who loose loads really quickly are more at risk. It's a theory !!!!

I am sort of restarting, i say sort of cos we are going away next weekend and I know i will be off plan so just trying to make wise choices til then, and then back on it properly !!

Going to be following you
thanks mommyB, but grrrr i want it to come off quickly, terrible for wantig results asap
Just back in from doggy walk. 2.5 miles not too shabby earned myself 4 act points

I wont be eating AP at all on this plan
Back again, gosh i love talking to myself in this diary :)

SO i weighed in kgs, 111.5 kgs i believe that is 17 stone 5
- untrue - dont know my start weight but guessing 116 kgs? which about 18 stone 2 :-(

so another goal my first goal

Get into the 16s!! - try get into 17s

Im always gonna weigh in on kgs as i always used to do stones and i never got to target so i figure new start new weigh technique but i will convert it for peeps on minimins coz i know how us brits love stones and pounds - lols what a joke going to change to lbs coz i messed up first week
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Get into the 16s
Lose 10lbs
Get brisk walking - 22 miles a week -
Drink water -
Lose 20lbs
Fit into a size 18 - probably 45 lbs away :-(
Lose 40lbs
Lose 50lbs
Lose 60lbs
Lose 80lbs
Lose 90 lbs
Lose 6lbs
Hi Vicky , keep posting away girl thats what keeps us all motivated . Its our little WW class in a box that we can tap in to every day.:D Great to see you are getting in to PP so well . Try to be patient with it though. It works really well even with all the PP and weeklies and free fruit . A slow steady loss is what you want .

Tracking is vital , get in to the habit straight away . Do it on here if you like and people can offer comments and help out. works for me !!!!!!
Cheers Michillinwoman,

I know i need to keep motivated or i will fall by the way side.
Day 4 still smiling here

feeling a little how last night however before bed , but i quite liked it better than being too full to sleep

Took my Tyggy (dog is called Tyger, just get called tyggy) for a moring brisk walk of 2 miles .

Working 4-10 tonight so dont know what im going to do for dinner. I wont be near a kitchen or microwave or anything like that:-(
3 miles walked tonight but as it was during work i wont count it,

Not too shabby day 4 done!,
Proper bollocks today!

Got wrong start weight i must have been about 2-3 kgs heavier that i thought. :-(

Will teach me to not use my usual WI routine and place
Oh bummer !! but they are just numbers,and they will change cos you can do this !!

I am restarting properly today, which may be really daft cos we are away this weekend but I think it's now or never LOL
Grr - are you weighing in at home rather than at class? When I was going it alone I had to keep the scales in a very fixed place in the house. Apparantly you weigh less upstairs than downstairs and we live in a 3 storey house so difference from top floor to bottom floor could be significant.

You sound to be doing fab - keep it up
I just wanted to see a nice significant loss to spur me on :-(
i mean really unless i lose some weight over night my WI tomorrow will be a sts from this new start weight. and thats not a great result for first WI

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