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Hot chocolate?

Has anyone tried warming the chocolate pack up ??

When I was on LT of a night time for dinner I liked to make the chocolate with hot water instead of cold because it was comforting and made me feel all nice inside...something the soups don't do on this - only the tomato.

Has anyone tried this on Exante....???

I still find the soups alot more flavourless which I suppose is a good thing...I like the vanilla though, something I hated on LT.

Thanks in advance :) x
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I have the vanilla one hot in the morning and add coffee to give me a kick start. Then either a cold strawberry or banana for lunch and a hot chocolate at night. Someone suggested adding some peppermint tea to the chocolate so I am going to give that a go for a bit more variety!
Thanks guys, I did the peppermint tea with the chocolate sparkle I didn't like it very much - though I'm not mad on peppermint :) The hot vanilla and coffee sounds nice, I have tried coffee in the vanilla cold. I might give that one a go. !

I meant to say the shakes are alot more flavourless not the soups :) Sorry for my mistake.

I shall have a hot one later then :) yum x
I don't really "do" hot drinks (don't drink tea or coffee) but I've done my shakes hot to test them, I like the hot chocolate (although I add a tablet sweetener) and I also like hot banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!


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I like the choc hot too, with a sweetener, and I use my hand blender to mix it up, you are right, in the shaker it would explode!!!
Bren xx


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i have hot choccie, but only use half of sachet this gives me 2 drink to make it last. i add a sweetner and just give it a good stir, i don;t whisk as i actually enjoy the thick froth left on top, cause i dip my finger in and give it a good lick, it reallf feels like i am spoiling myself as the skin is so lovely, well i think so, go on give it a try, mix and leave for few minutes then dunk yr finger, yum yum
Yeah I tried mixing one of the soups in the shaker cause I was gettin lumps all the time and the above happened to me! I now use my trusty blender to do all my mixing now!! I dunno where I woulb be without it lol!!


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