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Hot shakes???

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by kellou, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. kellou

    kellou Member

    I have seen lots of people mention having the shakes hot, was wondering if anyone had any advice in doing this!
    First day today and have found the curry and bar that I had really nice (much better than exante) hoping it stays this way!!
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  3. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    I never drink my shakes hot, however, I can safely say you shouldn't try to 'shake' them if you're using hot water to make them! Your shaker bottle will explode all over the kitchen! LOL!

    I imagine the chocolate would be nice hot. :)
  4. Mickey11

    Mickey11 Full Member

    I just use water from the kettle straight into the blender. Sometimes add some coffee :)
  5. SeeLuLu

    SeeLuLu Full Member

    Someone on here - sorry, can't remember who - said they prepared their shake cold, so all mixed up and ready, and then blasted in microwave. I've tried thus method and it's fab. About 1 min or so is just long enough.
  6. sliminside

    sliminside Focused on the Goal

    Snap Mickey11 x
  7. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    Hi ya, safest way is a hand blender to get it nice n frothy. My big blender has a mini hole in the top to let steam out so I can have my shakes hot in that. I still have to hold the lid down though as the heat tries to make it pop! Def don't do it in shaker! Boom! Mess! Waste of shake! ;)
    Or as above with microwave. Good luck. Makes a lovely evening drink Xx

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