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How deep in ketosis are you?

Random question but on the ketostix I use, I only ever come up in the two lightest shades (not including the one where you are not in ketosis). So I know I am in ketosis but wonder if it should be darker.

Not that there is much I can do about it anyway but I just wondered whethere anyone else measures how deep in ketosis they are!
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I think (some one please correct me if I am wrong!)in relation to this diet, that is where you should be and shows that you are drinking enough water. I also believe if it shows the dark pinks, it means your wee is too strong and that you should be drinking more water. But any shade of pink means you are in ketosis.
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You are either in ketosis or not, so any shade of pink means you are in it :D
As NooNoo said, if its dark you need to drink more water, it means the concentration of ketones in your urine is very high.

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Lightest shade of pink is best ;-)


please try again
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i dont use the sticks. if your sticking to the diet then you will be in ketosis

with regards the sticks if you are dehydrated the sticks will show purple and if you drink a fair amount of water ( i have 4 - 6 litres a day ) then the sticks might stay beige as the water dilutes any ketones in your urine or you might be one of the folks with the super effitient body systems who uses all thier ketones so has none left over to pee out

trust your instincts, if your 100% ss then you will be where you need to be


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^^^^^^^what they say:)^^^^^^^


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^^^^^^^what they say^^^^^^^ :D

Except the bit about 'definitely' need to drink more water. You might not have to. If it's purple, just check you are drinkng enough and if you are, then fine.

Remember the stix don't test for ketosis. They aren't designed for that.

Oh and I never got a pink stick once. Beige all the way for me. Fail! But I did lose 8 stone on the diet and was definitely in ketosis.

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