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How did we all cope with Christmas?


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Well I failed miserably to stick to my planned SS+.
I fell off the wagon on Christmas Eve and ate dinner, then I ate what I wanted on Christmas Day.
Today I am back on the wagon.
After doing CD for nearly three weeks I thought food would taste divine but it didn't. I was disappointed.
I have lost 23 pounds since 6th December so I am proud of myself and so glad to be back on track today. I have 41/2 stone more to shift so I hope to do in in 2010.
Good luck to everyone
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Gotta Make A Change
i was pretty good actually, went gym in the morning for 2 hours, and had some f**d but not much, im eating 1/4 of what i would have last year
also forgot to mention as i am on maintenance it was kind of more controlled eating and not just taking everything in sight inside :D
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I did eat Christmas day because it was the first time we had eaten together as a family at home since my mum passed away. I'm glad I did actually as the day was very special with the three of us sat down to eat together. This probably makes no sense and I can hear the LL counsellor telling me that it's "guilt-eating" but it really wasn't. I didn't eat as much as I would have in previous years. I am struggling to get back on the wagon today though, I have managed it, but I think that is because of all the lovely stuff still around. I'm a little grumpy and am glad I didn't try to get through yesterday just on my packs and make everyone around me miserable too lol.


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I decided months ago that I would eat xmas day and boxing day. I am glad to be getting back on the packs today!!!


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With much effort have managed to stay abstinent throughout. Hasn't been easy - especially the drink. Hubby kept popping out to kitchen to 'take his glass out' yesterday but really to stuff himself with ch**se bless him, he has been really good - even down to buying in guiness to drink as he knows I don't like it anyway lol. I sat and had a soup when hubby and daughter had their christmas dins - wasn't too bad, as I say just missing the drink and also struggling with the lack of routine which always makes it harder for me on abstinence.



I will do this!
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it's been ok for me, managed to stay abstinent and even cooked a huge roast for all my family on boxing day, mother-in-law cooked Christmas day. It has been hard, but will be so worth it to get to goal that little bit sooner. All of our journeys are important and we all have to make personal choices that are right for us, this was right for me and I hope I can get through New Year without drinking.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2010!
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Gemma and Peony- heary well done to you for abstianing throught Christmas! That is just what this diet is all about!! So chuffed you both did it!! Great acheivement and be proud of yourselves!!

Well done!

I stayed off the food too and cooked a whopping dinner for everyone else!

Didn't mind at all though as my new clothes fitted nicely and I felt quite nice. :p

I have to model some clothes for the LL fashion show very soon so I have to consider any unwanted bulges! :)


Gotta Make A Change
well done to everybody for the people abstaining a big pat on the back :D
and heres to a healthy 2010
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well done to you guys who kept on packs!!!

(the less said about me the better, lol!)
daisy x
S: 25st9lb C: 21st7lb G: 20st0lb BMI: 48.6 Loss: 4st2lb(16.16%)
Hi Blonde Logic,

I went straight back onto packs on Boxing Day and haven't waivered since although it has been a little torturous at times (especially Boxing Day). I think it is because all the temptation is laid in front of you though unlike the rest of the year.


Gotta Make A Change
well done phoenix :) have a wonderful new year and enjoy the ll food packs :) they really are great


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I am back onto packs....after a very nice xmas. I am glad to be back on packs to be honest. I feel like a walking tub of lard!
How are those of you who ate - be it planned or otherwise - how are you doing?

Back on packs, explicitly? I hope it was an easy return for you. :)

Hi i don't post often, im more of a 'reader' than a 'poster' but felt i had to come on and post to help me get back into the way of things. I started in June 09 and have lost 4st 9lbs. Over christmas i dont know what happened but i have completely fallen off the wagon. I went to pop in last night and over 2 weeks i have gained a horrific 11lbs. Im am disgusted with myself and as of now 11.12am today i am back on packs. I have never felt so fat and bloated for a very long time and can't wait to get back into ketosis :cry:

I am going to post more often on here as know you are a wonderful inspiring bunch of people who can help me get back on track and heading in the direction i want to be going. Well done to everyone who stayed in abstenince over Christmas, i really am jealous and i bet you feel great. I am sat here with my waistband digging into my belly :(


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
Oh Jennifer, all I can say is it has taken a huge amount of strength to come here and it will help posting. You have abstained and lost an amazing 4 stone 9lbs, so you know you can do it if you chose to. I'm sure the next few days will be rough, but you know how ketosis feels and that 11lb will be gone in no time. You can do it, we're routing for you x

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