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How did you find out about LighterLife?

Mrs Lard

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OK, so I posted a thread earlier on today about being in a tricky situation with people who are interested in my weight loss and want to know more (about the programme, specifically) but how much more do I tell them?

I've had some great replies and of course, the answer is judge each situation on its merits. Absolutely. For me, though, I am not confident enough to feel that I can gauge the situation correctly so, maybe, a better question to ask everyone (ie the minimins gang) would be 'how did you find out about LighterLife'?

There was an AMAZING (honest, heartfelt and very emotional) thread about WHY people started doing LighterLife but not necessarily always revealing how that person heard about the programme in the first place.

If you heard about the programme through someone else's success, how did it make you feel at the time? What did the successful LighterLifer say to you?

Did you ask questions? Were they evangelical? Were they silent? What happened?

I really need a good strategy in place to help me with this situation because I don't want to feel awkward when faced with this question!

Thanks so much.

Mrs Lxxx
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1. I saw the advert which promised a three-stone weight loss in three months.

2. I then visited the website and was put off by the fact it was meal replacement based. I also did some googling and found out about the cost, again, which also put me off.

3. For some reason I bought a copy of the magazine however (I am a slimming magazine addict, and think reading them will actually make me slim)

4. A lady whom I work with started doing it in January and as promised she went from 15st to 12st in three months.

5. My husband's ex-stepmum started doing it and after two weeks she had lost 12lbs and that gave me the final shove to join up.


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I went on a personal development course and confessed to my counsellor after it had ended that the work had been all well and good but that I still hated myself becuase of my weight. She half-heartedly said 'Well have you tried LighterLife?' and I flashed her a look of 'Don;t be ridiculous' but after a while I looked into it. It actually kept being recommended to be by thin people so I discounted every mention, I didn't know anyone who had done it - I know relatively few obese people. It wasn't until I actually met my LLC that I became anything like convinced that it might just work.

Mrs Lard

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Dear Yo-yo and Cerulean

Thanks so much for answering!

Yo-yo - did you speak to either women (husband's ex-stepmum or work colleague) about LighterLife or were the results enough? Did they try to persuade you to do it (if you asked loads of questions)?

Yo-yo, like you I believed buying slimming mags would somehow make me slim! That made me laugh!

Mrs L xxx


The Diet Guy
I was talking to a girl in my office on the Thursday about wanting to lose weight before I went to Florida on Holiday.

She said about LighterLife but I had never heard of it.

Anyway phone on Thursday afternoon, started on the Sunday !!
Mind is a round a bout way. I had stopped going out and socialising at all and everyone at my Husbands work was wondering what was going on, so after several months my Husband told them the real reason (i had put on a lot of weight and felt too insecure to go out and see people)My husband's workmate has a friend who does it and the workmate then told me Husband and my H then told me.

I rang and had to wait 3 weeks for first appointment then had to wait 2 weeks after that to start.
Hi Mrs L,
I was having a pub meal out for my mother-in-laws birthday. (Yes I chose a huge portion of all the wrong stuff.)

My Step-father-in-law started to tell us about his daughter -in-law who had lost 3 stones in just a few weeks and how he had never seen her legs looking so slim.

At this point my M-I-L started to get him to shut up saying she had told him NOT to mention it.

I had met his D-I-L at his wedding a year before and identified myself with her body shape. So I plauged him with questions. All he knew was that it cost a lot of money, she had to go to a doctor and that she got the food supplied to her.

From that moment I knew that I wanted to do it. I didn't even know what it was called. I spent hours deciding how to pursuade my husband it was worth the money.

I went to the doctor, he didn't know about it. My M-I-L didn't want me to do it but her husband said he would find out for me.

In the end my M-I-L rang up the person who had done it and I spoke to her. She told me what is was called and that there was a website to look at, and it was the best thing she had ever done.

I had already decided in the pub I wanted to do it, the how and how much were just details. My husband took surprisingly little convincing, in fact he came out and suggested I do it!

(And it is the best thing I have ever done -weight wise of course!)



has started again!!
I was a rock bottom both physically and, almost more importantly, emotionally. My marriage to my wonderful husband was beginning to show cracks and it was down to my size & opinion.

I then began to see the odd advert about LL, and did look at the website. I also Googled it to find out a bit more "unbiased" info. I dont know where I was looking (!) but most of what I came across was fairly negative: the cost, lack of food, no social life due to meal replacements etc etc. I did not persue it. I began to look hard into gastric surgery, which OH was not at all happy about, then he began to mention the wife of a colleague who had lost 3 stone on LL and "Shall I ask about it?" I refused to let him, still under the influence of the negatve vibes I had picked up.

Things slowly got worse, and a few thinga happened that forced me to finally admit I WAS going to probably die very early because of my weight. My children would have no Mummy and I would leave misery behind me all because I was just so fat.

As mentioned to you before, Mrs L, I then confided my misery in a very close friend. She put me on to a mutual acquaintance who was losing successfully with LL. Within half an hour of texting this lady, she was sat at my table, with all her LL bits and bobs and explained the whole processes fully. I would not say she was evangelical, however her enthusiasm and renewed zest for life was obviously apparent. (We had met once before, she could barely walk due to ankle problems exacerbated by her weight.)

I called my LLC as soon as she had left and within 2 weeks was on the programme myself.
Hi Mrs L

It was just around New Years eve 2005 I saw the ad for the magazine on TV.

I had had a scare during the week --- I spent the night in pain, a dull ache in my chest. At home alone, scared I might be having a heart attack and yet too scared to actually call someone or better yet the ambulance, thinking the pain would go away. Finally as soon as daylight I went to the A&E, they did all the necessary blood tests, machines, x-rays and came to conclusion it was probably just a panic attack.

That was enough to give me my push (push?.... I mean great big shove over the edge!). I thought it was divine intervention that I saw the ad that night, and start first by trying to find the magazine in the smkt, but to no avail.

Finally I found a website and contacted a counsellor for an orientation. After the introduction she called me aside for an extra chat (she said that she could see the doubt on my face all through her presentation). I don't know whether it sounded too good to be true or too drastic to be safe. Anyway I still took a lot of convincing, and then even after I had made my decision to start my GP was VERY skeptical and then HE had to have a lot of convincing before he would sign off my form to start.

Even though there are still some fundamentals of the program that I have still to come to terms with.... the bottom line is that IT WORKS no tricks or gimmicks. I am so glad I found it. However, there are only certain people I would "SELL" the program to because explaining it is not easy to the unbelieving ( and I should know!).
In a really round about way! Just after new year I was on ebay bargain hunting for unwanted Christmas gifts and I had read somewhere about people buying food from ebay and who on earth would do that, so for a laugh I searched for food and Lighter Life came up. I looked at the info that the sellers had put up and thought no way- 3 stones in 3 months and 'I could never do that'. But I googled Lighter Life and found the web site- wasn't hugley impressed by it, so I googled again and tired to find some people who had done it and what they thought. Unlike Sez I found enough positive stories to convince and BTW it was on that very same web trawl that I found minimins! Went back to the web site, made the call and the rest is so much weight lost!

The footnote is that I was talking to one of my casual gym acquaintances about it the week before I started (in a very shy way cos I thought she would think I was nuts doing a VLCD) and she- but that's what I did last year and lost 5 stone. So that gave me the confidence to get going!
Hi Mrs L

I found out about LL just before last Christmas. I telephoned an old friend from where I used to live and one of the first things she said was, "Guess what - I'm skinny!" This got my attention as we'd done the WW/SW treadmill together with limited success. She explained what LL was (I didn't ask many questions - just "HOW?") and I knew it would work for me if it had worked for her. I felt I'd found the solution to my problem. She was extremely enthusiastic but she does have a very bubbly personality. She told me about her GP's (positive yet startled) reaction which made us laugh as we know him well. The mention of the CBT got my husband's (financial!) support as he knows it works if done properly. I googled a lot and found minimins and was desperate to start. Had to wait until mid January but the prospect of the diet put me off my food so not only did I not gain weight at Christmas (a first) I lost about half a stone before starting! I'd never heard of the diet before, though my mum did a week of Cambridge when it first came out - stopped because it set off her migraines.

The discovery of LL came at exactly the right time for me. It took about 2 seconds to decide to do it and that was that. Now is the tricky bit - eating "normally".
Thanks, everyone for this; really appreciate the answers and all the details.

Isn't it amazing how different they are?

Fortunately, I think I have got the issue resolved in my own mind now, thanks to another thread combined with this one.

Thank you!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx
Dear Yo-yo and Cerulean

Thanks so much for answering!

Yo-yo - did you speak to either women (husband's ex-stepmum or work colleague) about LighterLife or were the results enough? Did they try to persuade you to do it (if you asked loads of questions)?

Yo-yo, like you I believed buying slimming mags would somehow make me slim! That made me laugh!

Mrs L xxx
I did Mrs L, I spoke to both laydeez at length! I watched my colleague lose weight before my very eyes, which was a good enough advert, but then when I saw my EXSMIL (god, that's a mouthful) losing 12lbs in two weeks that sealed the deal for me. Neither of them tried to persuade me to do the diet, they just told me the facts, and when I came up with my own "arguments" (eg the cost), my colleague said they would easily spend £66 per week on takeaways and socialising, and her husband was happy for them to put their lives on hold for a while until she lost her weight, and EXSMIL gave up the cigarettes, and started doing the food shopping at Iceland and Netto, instead of Sainsbury.

Mrs L - I have three boxes full of slimming magazines going back three years that I simply cannot bear to be parted from. I love reading the success stories. I even contacted Lighter Life and asked them to send me some back issues (3) as I only had 2 of my own


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i heard about ll a year ago on another site i go on, reading all the sucess it got me interested so i found my local ll conseller, but all his classes were at times when i couldnt get there so i forgot about it.Then just before last christmas i was taking too Yorkiegirl & she told me she was starting it after christmas.In the meantime my hubby started a new job, i saw yg results so thought i would give it a go as i had run out of excuses not too go.Its the best diet i have ever done.I sometimes dred people asking me how ive lost so much weight, some people can be so rude.Yet others so supportive.
I kept seeing adverts for it in magazines and i bought the LL magazine a couple of times. I was VERY sceptical though. My personal trainer at the gym suggested it after I had failed to lose any weigth after working out with her for a month but I still was not convinced. Mainly this was because she said (and others have said) you cannot exercise while doing it and I was a gym bunny even at almost 20st!
I was also really frightened about not eating. I looked at the website a few times - becoming more stressed about trying to lose weight to have a baby.
Eventually I did the sums and realised that, even if I was successful at SW or WW or RC, it would take too long. I only have 3 years to sort this out AND have children.
So I contacted my local counsellor - still VERY sceptical and still worried about not beign able to exercise. She said I could exercise and the DVD won me over.