How do I cope with this??


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2 problems I need your help with please :)

My husband works away quite often. Usually 2 days a week but it can be anything up to a week at a time, with him only being back at weekends.
I suffer terribly from emotional eating - namely when i'm lonely.
I have tried distraction but need some ideas on how to get my brain into gear and not need comforting with food.

Also Another problem i have is rewarding myself with food when i get to a goal. I have tried non food treats but nothing seems to satisfy like a bar of chocolate or some other carbohydrate laden food.
How can I get my brain around this?
You need to reset your brain.

Consider the time while your man is away as 'you time'. If you don't have kids, then maybe plan the things you like to do on your own - the library, swimming, etc?

Also, you could set mini goals for weight loss while he's away? That way it's focus for you.

As for the reward thing, that is difficult. I suggest my clients put £1 away for every 1 lb they lose then treat themselves - manicure, hair dye, make up - when they feel the need to treat themselves.

Have you read Dr Phil's Weight Loss Solution? Got some excellent advice in there.
Hi boofaloo,:)

I agree with D_Q that you should try and consider your time alone as "me time", not just trying to fill up the feelings of loneliness until hubby gets back.

I am an emotional eater too, totally. I do understand where you are coming from as I spent many nights alone when I was previously an "Army wife" some years ago.

I too spent many nights alone, wishing he was around and reaching for the fridge to just numb everything.

As D_Q suggests, why don't you think about all the things you would like to do, then see if any of them are possible to do on an evening. Maybe writing things down at first may help? Just a blank piece of paper and have a brainstorming session on one of these nights you are alone? Write it down, even if it sounds totally crazy and wacky!!!:D It may even surprise you what you write:eek:

Let us know how you get on and come back for support at anytime.

I think writing things down is excellent - the things you can pluck from your brain when you just let out a stream of consciousness may surprise you :)
Hi Helen,

I'm also an emotional eater and my hubbie has just gone away for 2 weeks so i know how you feel.

At the moment I try to keep busy on MSN and other websites so feel free to contact me and we can "chat" together if that helps any.

Can't help on the other point sorry. It was always crisps or pork scrachings with me. But then again there are crisps in the house for my son and I havn't eaten any. (I think that's a goos sign)

As D_Q has said it is about 'resetting' the brain and the way we think.

Hands up another emotional eater here as well...

Writing down things does help and it is good to look back on what you use to do and how far you have come on your journey.

Dr. Phil has excellent advice as always, makes even more sense to read him while on the diet.

Take up some new hobbies that would interest you.

needle work
Join our book club:)
Post on here:)
Talk on our chat room:)
Research healthy eating...exercise and other articles of interest that we would find educational, entertaining and of interest, if they even have one of those qualities it would be good:) sure to reference source and a link back where possible.

Spoil yourself...

beauty products

Plan a new you and see what you would need to do to make it happen.

Enter the CD Slimmer of the Year !!!

Keep a diary

Cook loads of meals for your family and freeze them, so that they can help themselves and you have more free time.:D :rolleyes:

Brain hurts...that will have to do for now:)

Love Mini xxx