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How do I get my profile pic on here

Sorry hun, I was trying all day yesterday but couldn't figure it out, I want some of those sparkly signatures too! I'm not the best with computers! How are you finding it today?
hi girlies, you need to post 50 times before you can put up a pic and that increases the size of your signature as well so all will become clear when we hear more from you!!! xx
Thanks Sarahlou!! And wow- just looking at your losses- that's truly AMAZING!!! Well done you! What would be your number one tip? xxx

Pinkhearts- well day three for me and I've woken up hungry (not a good sign!!!) but I'm remaining positive. I find it really helpful looking at how everyone has done and seeing that it obviously IS possible. Even though I'm hungry it's less about that than actually missing food. Just the chewing, the swallowing, the smell, the taste etc! ARGHHHH! Not helping myself going down that line!!

I guess I'm just thinking about all my gorgeous dresses that currently won't go over my thighs. Wearing them will be a way better feeling than a quick rush of happiness from chocolate! Good look pinkearts!! xxx
when you get into ketosis it's plain sailing hun. your body wont want the food anymore, it's just your head! but once you get some good losses you wouldn't touch food if someone begged you to!

also, like many of us on here you find yourself wanting to smell people's food, wanting to cook and generally giving people the impression you're crazy.

thanks for the comment on the losses, another weigh in today so hoping to hit 5 stone!

my top tip is to keep yourself motivated! so whether that is keeping diaries, taking a photo of yourself every week, get an all singing all dancing spreadsheet together to track your losses (i have one and a graph! :rolleyes:) measure yourself and as i have a LOT to lose, i broke mine up into chunks so it's more managable and it really works! i get myself a treat every 20lbs i lose, which only means i have to do 8 chunks, rather that 11 stone or 155 lbs (the massive numbers that make it too daunting.)

i see you have 130lbs to lose so i'd suggest doing something similar - it really helps and it's something to keep looking forward to and you get about a treat a month - month and a half.

its tough to learn to not treat yourself with food, so for ideas, my treats have been a wii fit, sunglasses, a stack of dvds, next one is haircut and colour. then further down the plan it's a massage, facial, clothes (obviously) and finally, when i'm at goal, Uggs. ooo yeah.
That's such great advice!!
Yeah...the whole 130lb thing is really daunting. I hadn't thought of 'chunking' it down into more manageable goals. I'm definitely going to do that. I like the idea of a graph- are there some template ones you know of? (I'm rubbish with excel!!)

The 'treat' idea is a great one- only thing is I usually treat myself with food! Lol! Soooo I'm going to have to think of other things to spoil myself with instead!

Once again- I think you're really inspirational and are filling me with hope that I can do it! Thank you!


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