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How do Red Days work?

Think this is a fantastic link:

I did SW a few years ago and now returned to it, doing it alone at home with my old books (red and green days only) - so I cannot guarantee anything, might have changed and I'm not a consultant.

Basically on red days you can eat as free foods lean meat/poultry/bacon (visible fat removed), fish, quorn, tofu, eggs, most fruit and veg (not peas/beans). you can also have 1 or 2 HEA (e.g. dairy) and 2 HEB (e.g. bread, pasta).
Personally I prefer green days as I love pasta but red days always give me a 'boost'. Makes lovely salads with tinned fish (salmon or mackerel). Huge steaks with caulifower cheese (hea). Oven baked chicken etc.

Hmm, now I'm getting hungry again... :p


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I want to start trying red days - I have always done EE and its stopped working for me. I understand that for red its meat, fish and vegetables, fruit and salad as the staple rules. Am I right in thinking that I get 2 hexa and b?

I like the omelette idea for breakfast but I need things that I can take to work and eat as I have a pretty long commute into London each day. On EE I have strawberries with yoghurt and sometimes a bit of granola.....can I still have that on Red??
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Red days you can eat any lean meat, poultry, fish. 2 he b and 2 he b, your normal 5-15 syns.

Beans and baked beans need to be either synned or he b choice.
These are also not free on red -
These can be healthy extra b choices.

Everything else just the same for he a choices. Hope this helps x


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Hi Jezzi :) nice to speak to you! Hope things are going well for you.

Does bread and alpen light count as a hex b as well? Just rice that needs to be synned? I am going to give this a bash I think.

I started calorie counting as SW stopped working when i had 4lb to go. Now i have 6lb to shift and I am really angry about it as I don't feel I deserved a gain. But trying not to feel sorry for myself. I'm going to do mainly red days with EE once or twice a week to begin with. Hopefully this will kick start me again. X
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Hi there! Yes bread is an heb and alpen lights also. You can have two alpen lights as a heb. Only certain breads are he but you probably know that anyway. I have done only red and green plans and got to target last year, losing 2st 4lbs on these plans. I love both plans. Just bob on here anytime and there will always be someone here to help :)


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Thank you - I am going to try and master red days before I try green as I love fish. I don't tend to eat much bread anyway so I won't miss that!

Today for breakfast I have had strawberries and a muller light, lunch is ham salad with 2 ryvita (hex b?) with a dollop of light philly (hex a?) with an apple and an orange. Dinner is pheasant (how posh does that sound) cooked in a plum and hoisin sauce (which I will syn) and stir fry veg with egg noodles (again this will be synned). I am going to cook myself some extra vegetables to go with it as well for my superfree (I don't think this is mandatory on Red but I love veg and if it stops me eating too many noodles then it can't be a bad thing) Planning on courgette and cabbage.

Does this sound like I have it right? I am also going to start using a smaller plate :)
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Your food sounds good! Your doing it fine as far as I can see x

I usually do EE but last week at group we were discussing red & green days. I did SW years ago pre-EE and I seem to remember that it wasn't advisable to do red days constantly. Does anyone else remember that? I'm going to give them a try again and looking forward to enjoying 2 x b he although will probably miss filling up on those carbs. Thanks


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Hi I am also building red days into my week this week! Not everyday as it'd send me loopy but 3-4 days should give my weightloss a boost I hope! Never done them before so we'll see! K


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Does it help boost weightloss? I need 3 off this week for my 2st award! I'm on a mission red days and superspeed foods! Oh and tonnes of exercise!

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