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How do u eat yours! (easter pun intended!)


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
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You can mix them with water, hot (not boiling) or cold

Some peeps like to blend with crushed ice and cold water to make a thickie shake, Like a McD's.

My blender is just pants though and makes enough noise to waken the whole street but doesn't actually do anything worthwhile, so ive never tried this


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I hand blend my shakes, couldn't eat it otherwise. My sister also blends her soup, but I don't, I just mix them with a fork. I don't do anything with my porridge, only stir it then put in micro for a minute. I like lumpy porridge :)
Oooooooo How do I eat mine :D

I love my shakes cold.. I throw double the amount of suggested water/ ice into a blender and blitz till its slushy.. and yes it wakes the house (my blender was under a tenner from asda) I then chuck my shake in and get a huge drink of thick frothy shake...

I also mix all but banana in the blender with very hot water... yummy! And I never ever used to drink hot drinks, not even tea or coffee!

I make all the shakes with mixamousse and make yummy mousses.
today I made my mousse into 3 small bowls and have been tasting through the day, but havent actually been satsified so won't do this again.

In the past i used the recipes to cook the mixes into mufficns / crisps etc , but have read that this destroys the nutrients so don't do this anymore.

As for soups, i have always blitzed these too but you get frothy soup!! So am going to try with a fork and see if I can get smooth non frothy shakes.

As well as just mixing my shakes, i do add a little spice, nutmeg, cinamon and chilli (on chocolate) Also use black pepper and chilli on my soups.

When I eat the bars, which I am avoiding right now as they trigger cravings for me, I tend to cut them into tiny pieces and nr freeze them... but for me, they don't satisfy as much as a shake does!

I'm sure jo that you will find your own way, anything to stave off boredom before it happens!



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
S: 25st9.5lb C: 25st4lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(1.53%)
oohh tilly check ur mail i get panicky if i dont know arrangements..( i dont want u to think im stalking u HA ha !)

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