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How do you deal with stress on the CD? (warning long!)


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I have had the day from hell and just want to cry and eat :( I had a car crash last week and have had a courtesy car all week. The apartment block that my boss works from has a permit scheme for parking but cos mine is in the old car I out a large note in the window explaining what happened with my phone number in.

I had been there literally an hour this evening when I walked out and there was a clamp on my car. I then had to deal with abuse from the two most aggressive clampers ever and pay 80 quid to get my car released so I could go home.

To make matters worse while I was argueing with the clampers a pizza delivery man turned up and they literally unlocked the clamp on my car and tried to put it on the pizza guys car!

I'm not one to stand for injustice so I out myself (all 25st!) inbetween the pizza mans car and the clamper so he couldn't clamp it. They then got really violent and grabbed my arms and flung me out of the way and clamped the car.

One of the neighbours called the police who were as shocked as I am and hopefully they will get their cumuppance but the whole thing has left me shocked, very tearful and wanting the comfort of eating.

This may sound very self indulgent but all messages of support would be greatly appreciated at the moment!

Thanks so much!
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Sounds like a bloody awful incident and I am not surprise you are feeling shocked and wanting to eat.

Now... if you do eat who will win, not you... try to stay strong, have an iced glass of water, a hot bath and try and calm yourself down... don't let food drag you down...

Please try, I know it is hard especially in stressful times, but you need to look after you!! number 1!

(Although i would file a complaint about these cowboys clampers, and file an assault claim especially as you have a witness)..

Lots of Love


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Ohhhh......the cheek of it!
You must have been outraged!
Listen, you can't control the annoying incidents that impose themselves on your life, but you can control how you deal with them.
Keep thinking positive. You can do the diet. Dont let the terrible behaviour of others get you down.
Hugs and snugs to you.


a bit different everyday
oooooh those clampers are right b'stards
we used to live in some flats that had permit parking and one day these guys were arguing that they lived there and shouldnt be clamped, so the clamping man hit the guy over the head with the metal clamp
it was unbelievable, blood everywhere, they are very violent and nasty people, and to top it all they had won the contract from southwark council,
sorry about what happened to you chika, it sounds rough, but eating will really just make you feel worse, the key for me for dealing with stress[and believe me i have enuff stress as a mum of 4 under 9] is to know that if i dont give in to the food i will feel really great tomorrow, you get a real buzz when you dont give in trust me, better than any food/drink
if you can have an early night you will wake up tomorrow feeling much better
nat xx
You poor thing! Have a hot bubble bath and play some soothing music and go to bed and cling on without eating - tell yourself you can in the morning if you still want to - and when you wake up you wont want to and will feel so proud of yourself! Write a letter of complaint to the MD or whoever is at the top of the tree inhabited by those clamp-animals - demand a response - and report them to the police and say you were ASSAULTED which you were - even if they hadnt physically touched you, if they put you into fear and alarm then it was an assault (at least under Scots Law and hey it cant be that different where you are!) Don't let the [email protected]@rds grind you down ....
Best of luck
Mrs P


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Thank you so much everyone - these messages have meant the world to me today. I was determined not to eat anything so I got in the car and drove home to my mums where I am not sat tucked up in a duvet sipping strangely comforting hot water!

Have a great weekend everybody!
Hey Chika,

What a nightmare hun. You poor darlin, hope they didn't hurt hurt you when they grabbed you arms. U ok??

Food is never the answer. Hot water on the other hand I find strangely comforting too! You did soooo well not to give into your food temptations, give yourself a massive pat on the back. Very proud of you, and do lodge a complaint, such w*****s!!

Big hugs :hug99:xx
How horrible for you :(

hope you're feeling a bit better today.....



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