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How do you deal with.....


Mistress Mush!
people that automatically use the 'its unhealthy' or ' you'll put the weight straight back on' argument.

I was honest with everyone that i was going on this diet, just because i know i will then have people to keep an eye on me, especially while I'm at work!
I had rude comments, that i didnt appreciate, and it really dents your confidence. Especially when they wont listen to your side of the conversation!
*sigh* Suppose not everyone is going to be on your side and support you in bettering yourself.:sign0009:

So glad I've got my family behind me and my lovely bf.. Who even tells me off when i have a little bit of chicken ;)
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Well ive told no one for that reason hun. If i were you id forget about them..there not worth it. your life your body your an adult you can do what you like.even now that i have lost some weight one friend said to me the other day oh look at you you have lost loads of weight which is soo not true nearly 3stone but i still look the same anyways i think she said it thinking id quit or give up trying to lose weight. some people get jealous aswell once you say your on a diet or trying to lose weight. thats what i find anyway. Its great that you have your family and bf's support hun. Thats all you need. I have only told my bf he supports me 100% in it.

becky xx

Mrs B

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Fire it straight back at them, "What makes you say that?". They are always stumped. If you care what they think you can then add the science bit, lol.
I don't tell anyone now, got fed up with the "that's not good for you" cr*p. I'll tell you what's good for me - the 4 stone I have lost! Tends to shut them up....


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I'm also doing CD on the quiet. Infact even if I did any diet I would do it on the quiet as so many people try to sabotage you - either intentionally or untentionally. I am being told I don't need to lose any more weight and some people notice I don't each lunch (usually sneakily have my tetra when people in the office are out on lunch) and comment it can't be good etc. My retort is, "I do eat but just less however funny how no-one says oh! should really be having that pizza and chips? It's not good for you" I find that also shuts people up.

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