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how do you decide when you have lost enough?


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Do you set a target weight and stick to that? Or do you have some clothes you want to get into?

And how do you set your target????

Im deciding whether to lower my goal weight or just see if I get to what my goal is now and go from there??? I have clothes I still cant get over my legs!!!!!
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I havent got an exact figure. I lost 22lb and dropped a dress size and im hoping to do the same again. Im hoping to lose another 2st and see what i look like, if i can get into the size clothes i want to etc but im not saying "i will be XXst when im done" im taking it as it comes because i may change my mind!


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My leader wanted me to set a target once i'd reached 10% but we debated and settled on 7lb at a time :)


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Thank you, so have you! :D Now the hard part is keeping it all off :D
I have set my goal weight for now at 10st 10lb as that will give me a healthy bmi, it will be the high end of healthy but that'll do.

I am not sure when I get to goal if that weight will 'suit me' or not. If I still look like I need to lose a few more lbs then I will.


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My target is 11 stones which is mid range for my height and I also chose it because it's what I used to be back in the olden days before I got fat!

It's tricky though, I must confess. I used to have some size 16 jeans in the wardrobe and I used to hold them up (when I was a size 22) and think "God, I used to be thin back then". Now I've been in those jeans for quite a while and they're actually a little on the big side now, but I sure as hell don't feel thin. I saw some pics of me last week and I thought I looked massive. Yet people at work are telling me on a daily basis not to lose any more weight as I look fabulous as I am and will look unwell if I lose any more!!

I am, however, sticking to my target of 11 stones as I think mid-range for my height is not unrealistic plus I want to get there just to prove I can as much as anything else.


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hell fire! i just wanted to say well done on the fab losses!....lucky cat...6 stone thats fantastic xx


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wow well done!!! its great to know its not just me thinking about goal and whether to lower it/keep it/see how i feel

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