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How do you do yours??

Just wondering when you log onto MiniMins, what do you do first?

Do you just stay in the 'new posts' part and work your way down, or do you actually browse each section of the forum?

I tend to just stick to the new posts part as there is something new always being posted. I'm just worried that I'm missing out on posts that are in the other parts of the forum IYGWIM?

This forum as a whole is MAHOOOSIVE and I've found myself literally lost a few times so I've just closed the tab down and returned to my saftey blanket new posts section!

So, how do you do yours?
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I just joined yesterday, so I'm still working my way around the forum. I've just been clicking New Posts :)
I tend to just stay in the CD forum and occasionally pop over to LL to see how my friend is doing! I sometimes forget about all the other sections to it! Infact I didn't even know that there was a new posts section :) I have been in the SW section a few times too when trying to decide what diet to follow and they all seem really nice in there too! I think on the whole Minis has one of the nicest feelings to it out of many of the forums online :) xxx


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Sane as Emm - come straight to the Cd forum & work my way through the posts. Pop into the Aracde occasionally too


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I normally click on my user cp and see if people have replied to my threads, then come to this forum and work my way down...and on the slimmest off chance I run out of stuff I click on the forum jump thing and see what interests me...

That way so far I have found the WeMITT's as well as the fabulous success stories forum :)


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I visit my user CP section first and read all the threads I am subscribed too. I then click on new posts. I look at CD, SW and WeMiTTs most as these are the forums I have been involved in. Everyone seems so lovely on all forums !!


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I'm another one who clicks on the CD section and then just works through the topics.

I forget that I can view all 'new posts'. And I rarely visit the other sections -- not because I don't want to, but becuase I spend so much time reading the CD bit!! xx


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I'm everywhere. I usually go straight to the Lipotrim forum as that is where most of my friends are as I did that diet the longest. I look on here, I go to low carb diets to see how Sun and a few others are getting on. I look a the holidays/meets/TV....oh my goodness..I need to get a life LOL!!!!!


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Oh my word!! There is so much of this site that i haven't even explored yet!!:cool: I generally too just come onto the CD forum and read the last few pages of posts. I also have to agree that everyone is soooo supportive on here!! I used to be addicted to the WW message boards on WW website but it really got nasty on there at times:eek:. I've yet to experience that on here - Love minis:sign0168:. Always someone out there with a sturdy shoulder to lean on!!!

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