How do you plan for clothes?!


Finally...Life begins

Having just been promoted at work (go me!) I start my new job on Sept 18th, but this week is the week to go out and get some new clothes!
Until I am a size 18 or less I need to look further afield than where I live so clothes shopping usually only takes place every 3-4 months! (God, I cant wait to be able to pop into Next and buy some stuff near home!)

Now, If I buy clothes to fit me, surely by end of sept they SHOULD be hanging off me!

Not sure about ordering online as I always need to try things on!!

Is there usually a pattern? ie every stone you loose you go down a size? approx?!

Any advice welcome!
Well done on the promotion hun!! Yes, I think approximately after every stone lost you go down a size, for some people its a bit more and for others a bit less. For me every 10lbs is a dress size down!:)
I've lost 3 1/2 stones so far and have gone from a size 20 to a 14 on top (still got DD boobies) and 10/12 bottoms. I'm hoping that my top half will reduce in size as I lose my last 14lbs:)

Congrats on promotion!!!! What a well deserved boost.

I tend to be a stone a dress size and have been buying size 12s in the summer sale ready for autumn at work (obviously stuck to trousers and long sleeves).

Have you tried catalogues online as they allow you time to try on at home and with free returns?
CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion :D

Not been too good at the clothes thing as I've been very reluctant to buy much 'cos the weight comes off soooo fast on CD - got to the stage where peeps at work started to comment on how everything was hanging off me lol

Mail order is great as they do give you a bit of leeway before sending stuff back, but M&S has been best - they allow 90 days for returns. I usually order online - they often offer free delivery - gives me loads of time to try stuff on - if it's not suitable things can be returned to your nearest store.

We're off to Mexico in November so I needed to think about new summer stuff - swimming cossies etc. It's the first time in my life I've dared to buy smaller sizes.........and WOW it feels great when they finally fit :D
Whoohooo well done on your promotion
I agree about M&S they are about the best for returns.

Edinburgh Woollen mill also have some cheapo but nice suits etc that would be ideal for work.

If I get the job I'm after I will be going in there :D
Hi Guys

I have moved this thread into the "Chit Chat" section so that those following other plans can also join in as well....:)
Thank you!

Had a shock today, went to london to visit my aunt (who is 94!) and decided to get dressed up smart, she never approved of ladies wearing jeans, but just about copes with me wearing trousers, bless lol.

Anyway dug out some trousers I bought a few months ago that were far too small, but couldnt be bothered taking them back, so thought ill try them on see how far away I am from them fitting.

it wasnt until I realised I had put them on without undoing the button and zip that I realised they were hanging off me!

So chuffed!

So happy but have nothing to wear lol
What an excellent feeling mate!! :cool:

Good catalogues for 'shopping at home' include Simply Be and Classic Combination - lots of sizes, speedy delivery, and same price no matter the size!! They have lots of sales and some nice stuff :D