how do you remember??


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this may be an odd question, but after you ask for a syn value on here do you write all the important ones down somewhere or do you just remember them in your head. god knows ive asked many times for syn values on here and then afew weeks later go back through the thread looking for my post and the reply lol. just wondering how many are organised and write them down somewhere
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I'll jot down the ones that I won't remember or need often, for future reference.

If I've asked and have had a reply on here, and then forget I just do a search.


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A little pocket sized address book is handy as you can write them down alphabetically and you have them all in one place and access them easily :)


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I remember them all really, I have a great memory! Plus if I ever didn't remember I could just use lifelineonline!!


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I used to copy & paste them, and interesting recipes, into a file on my 'puter, but after a while I found I was just prettymuch remembering the 'important' ones to me. Mainly! lol



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Sometimes I remember, usually I forget and search on here. I don't often write them down because I'm not really that organised!


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I seem to remember any I need to know. I can't remember important numbers of passwords, but sins yes!


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sometimes i write on packets and jars the syn value!! but other times i have it stuck in my head or just go on syns online