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How do you use all your points

I like to have some for the evening when Im watching TV. I dont usually find using them a problem over the course of the day. Snacks usually help too.

I remember you said you had 27 points. If you used for instance 4 at breakfast, 6 at lunch and 10 at dinner that would leave you 7 for snacks etc.

WW desserts are usually around 2.5
Crisps range between 1 and 3
Chocolate bars from 2 upwards
WW Spaghetti & Toast is 4
A tin of WW Pasta is 4.5
A couple of biscuits would be 2 or 3

You get the idea.... those 7 remaining points will go in no time. You can also save up to 4 a day if youre having a treat one night and need extra
Thanks starlight
For your help I only have 2 and half for bfast and my lunch varies it can be from 3 to 4 points then my tea can be about 6 to 8 points then i still have loads left
I know what it is im frightened to eat my points thinking i will put weight on

Kind regards
Maybe try having a couple more at breakfast, if you have a cup of tea or coffee have a biscuit with it.

Try having a dessert for dinner thatll take you up to about 10.

You HAVE TO eat all your points though, if you dont then youre never going to lose anything. Not eating enough has the same effect as eating too many.

Thats the beauty of WW you CAN eat lots and still lose.
Thanks Starlight

This is where ive been going wrong with the other plans ive been following i thought the idea to lose weight was to not hardly eat much
I am thinking of joining after easter as with easter here this weekend we might be having friends to to stay and going out for meals so it would be no good really this week


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