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How embarrasing.


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My sister in law went to the doctors as she was experiencing itchiness and aching in one breast around her nipple and has got referred for a mammogram (we are both 40). I had been experiencing the itchiness for quite a while so decided to go to my MALE doctor. I had to lie down while he felt my breast. I felt so embarrased as they are huge. Mortified is not the word. Anyone else had an embarrassing time at the doctors. I cant wait to loose weight of my breasts.
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When i was getting palatations i went to the doc and have to have a ECG, i had to sit there, semi reclines with my boobs out in some nurses face, with sticky things and wires all over them. TERRIBLE!
Oh no!! how mortifying for you!!

Ive never had an embarrasing time at the doctors as of yet

but just remember , he probably sees the same things everyday, so he wont of been embarrased even if you were :) xx
I'm the opposite to you, i've hardly got any so i don't find that bit embarrassing, it's when they go down below to look at your lady bits that i find awful. I've never had kids so not use to people fiddling about down there :eek:
Don't dwell on it too much, i'm sure your dr has seen allsorts. Hope you get your problem sorted :)


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thanks for the replies. Everything sorted, no probs thankfully. My sister in law is at hospital as we speak having her mammogram.x


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i went to the docs the other dya about my bad back, and the Doc was REALLY cute, only young! he had to prop me around whilst i was in my bra! i was thinking 'i wish i looked like kelly brook right now' haha!


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I got really pariond about STI's (irrantionally fear) so went to get a screeening done and had a male doctor took a swap from up my lady area, OMG cringe!


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My most embarrassing medical experience ever, was when the doc did a colposcopy on me. That was due to them finding I had unusual cells when they did a pap test after the birth of my last child.
I had to put my legs in stirrups, while he looked inside with a special miscroscope device, and took more samples.
What made it even worse there were five other people at his end having a good look too. Honestly, I have never been so embarrassed in all my life, and after that experience I have no qualms in baring anything to doctors.
That was 25 years ago, so procedures may have changed but it lives with me as it was yesterday.
However, thanks to that, and medical technology, I am alive today. I would have been dead 20 years ago if it not for embarrassing tests.
Just remember, doctors have seen everything so nothing shocks them. It's just us that feel embarrassed.


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i had to have swabs done when i was pregnant with my youngest due to bleeding... and when he put clamp on a tensed really bad and trumped realy loud :( i changed my doctor after them was way too emmbarrased ever go back :(


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i had to have swabs done when i was pregnant with my youngest due to bleeding... and when he put clamp on a tensed really bad and trumped realy loud :( i changed my doctor after them was way too emmbarrased ever go back :(
so so funny xx:8855:pmsl
ah ladies i do feel for you. im a student nurse, and i often see the look of horror on some patients faces as a doctor and his millions of students descend upon them! I think the fact that you often feel so vulnerable really doesnt help,sorry gemma but that is hilarious though! pmsl xx
My boobs were a 38G when i first began. Huge is not the word.

when i lost all my weight, my boobs went down to a 32E ( and back up to a 32F once at target for a few months bizarly) .. and i was scared as i could feel bumpy bits.

i had to go to my male doctor and he basically groped my breasts and said ' now theres no fat tissue, what your feeling is glands in your breasts that you couldnt see or feel before'

i was so embarressed.


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lol least i made some1 smile.... was almost 4 years ago now but i gone red faced telling you all i never told any1 b4 this lol for obvious reasons


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My OH keeps making me giggle, cos she is on the diet with me, doing really really well, and sometimes she comes out with some right corkers. Like the other day she got worried cos she could feel a lump...which turned out to be her rib!...she hadn't felt it for a while! Then today she said, I am a bit worried cos i got this dippy bit....on closer examination this turned out to be her collar bone which, is now exposed and the dippy bit is just above! LOL Bless!!


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I had some infected Gnat bites on my legs, so I went to the Dr's taking my 2 (school age at the time) children with me, as we were on the way to meeting my DH.

My children came into the Dr's room with me, after looking at my legs, my Dr just lay me over the couch pulled down my pants and gave me an antibiotic injection in my ('large') a**e....................

My children have not let me live this down since (they are 34 & 39 now) and somehow they always manage to bring it up in conversation, making me squirm with embarrassment, LOL.....don't yer just love yer kids.


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I have fertility issues, so have had all manner of different doctors/nurses roaming around down there. After a while, it's just become miserably common place.

My worst was thinking they were going to scan me with the dildocam, so getting on the table, takng my knickers off, and waiting. The look of horror on the doctors face when he sees me, legs akimbo, pantless, when he was only expecting an abdominal scan was embarassing!


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I am a nurse and we have seen it all, and unless it is bright green with flowers dangling from it we wont bat an eyelid. I could even take a smear from my best friend without any problem, but I think she might object! The worst thing I had to do was urodynamics which is how they test your water works when you have problems. I had a cable up my bum, my vagina, and urethra (wee tube) and then I had to pee on a toilet in the room with 2 staff there. All they were interested in was the computer and not me, and the funtionality of what was happening. I have been with people while they have pee'd and pooed and thought nothing of it. The only one to really stick in my mind was the old man who had such huge balls that they used to lay at the bottom of the commode, and when he stood up they reached his knees! Now its things like that that we remember!

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