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How I Lost 67lbs and Maintained It

Hello There!

The tips that I am going to show you allowed me to lose 67lbs. I believe that this will also help you get to your goals. I know that there are a lot of distractions and temptations that we need to avoid during weight lose, but these are my proven secrets that guided me to lose weight. I'll make it short and simple and I hope that you can also apply it to your own weight lose journey

1. Always have a goal in mind - As the saying goes, we need to have a vision. Close your eyes and visualize your end goal. This will help you to be mentally focused when reaching your desired weight.

2. Write down your goals - Visualizing your goals is one thing and reminding you of your goals is another. Always remind yourself of what you want to achieve. Post it on your wall, place on your cellphone, as long as you get to be reminded then post it there. Being able to read your goals keeps you on track with what you want to achieve.

3. Make a short term goal - Having short term goals give us a boost of confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Whenever we feel these, we reassure ourselves that what we are doing is right and this will keep us going.

4. Have a cheat day - I know everyone is doing this but I just want to include it here because I believe that this is really important. Cheat days allow us to be mentally and emotionally focused. an ice cream or 2 won't hurt as long as you get back on track the day after.

5. Read other's success stories - Another way to keep yourself motivated through others. Join forums and read the stories of others, that way you will be reminded that it is possible to lose weight and reach your goals. If others can do it so can you.

Feel free to add your own tips!
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Just keep swimming
Those are excellent tips! i am an advocate of cheat day and other peoples successes really inspire me! Brilliant! :)
I dont believe in cheat days. I just believe in eating right and eating lots of the right stuff. When you got enough carb calories in your body from steamed rice, fruit and veg, you simply dont want the junk full of refined sugar and oil.

Im melting the body phat this year. Its been a revolution.
I find that high protein keeps me on the straight and narrow....if I start eating lots of fruit and high carb starchy food like rice or pasta then that's it...I'm off on a binge :D

Protein keeps you fuller for longer too ;)