How long before you SAW the difference in yourself?


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I'm on my third time around with SW & doing better than ever (I do it at home). I've currently lost 1st 12lb but I really can't see much difference in my body shape.

I do believe that FEELING good is as important as LOOKING good. I've slimmed down a little bit all over but I've not dropped a dress size or noticed a huge difference in my clothes & thought by now I would at least be one size smaller. I know some say 10lbs is a dress size & others say more but I've lost 26lbs & noticed no big difference. Has anyone else found this?!
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Including my weight loss pre-SW, I've lost a stone in total. I'm the same as you, and still cannot tell - although people are regularly commenting on how much weight I've lost! (Nicest feeling in the world:D)

Anyway, I think it takes our minds a bit longer to register. I'm so used to looking in the mirror and seeing the fat girl, I still see her even now.

It will gradually come though, and what a great feeling that will be. Well done on such a fab weight loss xx


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I had lost 3st (until August anyway). Around 2 stone I could really see it, when I got down to 12.7 I even got to buy a few things in size 12, it was amazing, I actually liked looking at my figure in the mirror - and I WILL get back there!!


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I've noticed a difference in my shape (ive lost 16lb) but I think thats down to the Zumba classes i've been doing.
I've not dropped a dress size yet, but things are looser.
Hang in there, your body will change (it may take you a while mentally to acknowledge your change)


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I've lost 2stone and still in the same clothes as when I started SW (only one pair of work trousers I can't wear anymore because they became ridiculously big on me, could get them on and off without undoing them). I can't see a difference in myself although other people say I look like I've lost loads, although I'll occasionally catch sight of myself in a shop window or mirror and notice I look generally smaller, less whale like lol x


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I've lost 12lb so far, and whilst I dont think I really look any different (though family/friends have noticed a difference) I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes. My work trousers are so loose now, and a couple of tops in my wardrobe are feeling a lot less snug!

Cant wait to lose a couple more stone and really SEE a difference!


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It was about 3 stone before I noticed any difference. Bear in mind the stuff we used to wear at our maximum was probably too small anyway which is one of the reasons we wanted to lose ;)


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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm glad it's not just me then! I have another 1st 7lb to lose & thought that as I'm over halfway I'd see more of a drastic change.


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Yeah I've lost 27lb and still in the same clothes too, though they are looser. Another stone maybe, and I can drop a size!


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I've lost 29lb and am still wearing the same clothes! However, they are mostly long boho skirts and span 3 sizes. I 've been wearing the 18 - 22 ones, and they are definitely much looser to the point where I've been tripping over the hem of my skirt today! I was feeling a little fed up last week, as I had a photo taken at work and still looked sooo fat. But then I compared it with a photo taken a week before I joined SW in August, and was shocked at how much fatter I looked back then! I may still be fat, but keep telling myself that I'm getting less fat!


I think it's always helpful to take photos (full body front, side and back) once a month to track progress. When you and your loved ones are used to seeing yourself every day it can be hard to notice a difference.

In the past I've lost weight without intending to (once in sixth form just by walking lots and a few years later after a jaw operation) and low self esteem meant I couldn't see past my inner fat girl. It's not until I look back at photos I see how great I looked and I wish I'd realised and maintained it :(