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Total Solution How long do people last before they cheat...


Gotta Make A Change
i lasted the entire period all the way through maintenance :)
and now on it again lost 15lbs so far with no cheat at the moment
got 13lbs left to lose :)


I will never give up
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i did 3 weeks then had 2 add tuna and cucumber each day for a few weeks then did it again for 3 weeks then went off plan over xmas and now back restarting again.
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I lasted 10 days on TS, and then got ill with a cold. I am back on plan now, but I'm adding in a chicken salad every night - I'm finding that a lot easier.
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My 3rd weigh in is tomorrow and I have been 100% TS for that time, its torture some days but I know this is not forever, the quicker I get to the end the better! lol! x
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I lasted 4 day's and eat a bag of hula hoops :? But didnt let it put me off...have done TS for the last 6 day's bar the bag of Hula Hoops so done well it hink :D
Weigh in on friday. Just got to keep going x
S: 12st8lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thing is, there is cheating and adding food (AAM), the later is not cheating and should be done before you get to the stage of cheating ;)
Absolutely - I don't feel like I'm cheating by having a salad every night - it's just making it a lot easier to stick to for me.

I will be cheating on Saturday though - my dad is coming down from Cumbria and taking all the family out to dinner - I'm going to go out and enjoy myself, as I know I can get back on plan easily enough!
S: 12st8lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well I looked at the list on here and went by that. I know onions are a bit higher in carbs, but there's only a tiny amount in this salad.

I have been having M&S sliced Mexican chicken which is delicious, and low in carbs aswell. Some of the other marinated ones they do are quite high - I presume that they contain a lot of sugar.
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I just had my first cheat. A leafy salad with mushrooms, radishes and chicken with some basil and pesto dressing. I think I did way too much exercise yesterday and had been feeling light headed and starving, even though I was in ketosis. I really enjoyed it but do you think it will have taken me out of ketosis? And should I finish my soup and shake which I still haven't had today? I feel like I've let myself down but my other half says a cheat would have been eating a mcdonalds or something!
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i like ur other half lol i gave up 3 times on lipotrim and to be honest i was gutted because id cheated and just didnt stop eating after that but was really gutted so im going at this head on as said above not really cheating as you are allowed a meal protien based im thinking but not too sure on ketosis still waiting 4 someone to answer that lol good luck though
You can add a low carb high protein meal and still be in ketosis. Piece of chicken and some green veg? Tuna and cottage cheese. There is a list at the top as a sticky of foods. 3 packs and a 400 cal high protein meal. It's on the exante site as well. Weight loss will be slower on it, but ok if you only do it once in a while.

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Indeed, my 3.5 months was including AAM's, as I don't consider them cheating, they are just a different way of following the plan. Unfortunately the last few weeks AAM extended into things that were way off plan! And now struggling to get back on it... but did a whole day yesterday... and now time to do another one today :)