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how long till ketosis



Glug Glug Glug

Ive herd that ketosis depends on the person. Sometimes it'll take 5 days to get into it, and others perhaps a day or two.
If your feeling great then id probably say u were in ketosis now. Yay.
thanks mellum oh cool thats brill thought it just maybe that i have split my shakes into 5 today but fingers crossed
mmm think i will do that from now on its the first time i have done that still loving the new mocha thing sooo wish i had know about it last time
might not be may just be having a good day maybe the fact that i split them but feel sooo much better today but you will soon be chelly


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Hey!! :)

I'm on day 3 and i feel fan-bloody-tastic!!!
The smell of food actually made me think urrrgh today (mind you me mother was cooking greasy, nasty, fatty chips!!)
I hope i am in ketosis already, i cant wait to start losing!

How do you all cope with the bad breath side of it?
Thats the only thing that i find revolting!!
The more water you drink the better that is, and peppermint tea helps too. I have it with sweetner in. Listerine strips are also allowed, although these are a bit strange - they are like paper and you put them on your tongue and they dissolve... it feels a bit weird!!!


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Yeah i have some listerine strips, but am not too keen on them!!
Also i have some listerine mouthwash (duno if thats allowed?!) havnt used it yet, but ya can hardly take a swig in the middle of the street and spit it out can ya!!!! lol
lol true - as far as I know any mouthwash is allowed as you are not swallowing it, whereas normal chewing gum would not be allowed cos of added sugar, citric acid etc...


I will be skinny again!!!
Apparently were only allowed mouthwash with no alcohol!!
Breath is killing me lol!!! Im nervous about talking to people in work :p
Hi everyone
I am on day 4, feel fine but can't sleep. I have my first weigh in on Monday and am still having 3 nicorette gums a day because I don't want to start smoking again (gave up in oct) So my weigh in on Mon will tell me if the gum has had a bad impact on my weight loss or not!

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