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How Many Diets Have You Tried?


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I was just wondering, how many diets have we tried to finally find one that works for us? Or have you found some diets work differently at various stages throughout our lives as our bodies change.

Did a diet work for you in the past and doesn't work now? or vice versa, have you tried a diet once before with no success but now it is working?

I know years ago I could get away with alot more than I can now and I can only put that down to age!!! Yes, I know it happens to all of us....
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Ive tried soooo many diets and have pretty much failed at them all! Well I lose abit but then put it on and loads more too.
I have tried....the grapefruit diet,cabbage soup diet,slimfast,eating only 1 meal a day (stupid I know) lighterlife-twice! And tons more that I cant even remember right now.

Im on xenical now and that seems to be working for me :)

Claire x


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I've also tried loads of diets over the years. Probably too many. I've done, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, trying to eat healthy, try to cut out all the 'crap' diets, Xenical which I hated! plus all the ones in between. At the moment Go Lower seems to be the one for me. A few years back SW was brilliant and lost over 2stone, then personal stuff happened, stopped going to classes (which I hated anyway) and then put everything back on plus more!
Lets see what happens this time - fingers crossed!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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I've tried lots of crash diets like the cabbage soup one, liquid diet, etc but they're useless.

I tried fit for life for quite a while but I stopped losing weight after my first 10 pounds. It seemed like I was constantly eating! I tried Atkins for a while too but no matter what the diet was, I always found ways of cheating and convinced myself that they were ok.

Now I'm calorie counting and it's definitely working. It's a lot of work but it's made me conscious of what and how much I eat. Had I not done this, I don't think I would fully understand it still.


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I always just did calorie counting as that was the most popular thing, I guess. I was always suspicious of 'fad' diets. I could only ever stick with calorie counting for a very short time.

I had a couple of stints counting points with Weight Watchers, but again, couldn't stick with it.

It was Slimming World's plan that finally worked for me, big time - psychologically it just suited me, it liberated me from all that counting and taught me to cook and eat healthily, using my own common sense and judgement about how much food I needed. Gradually I learned to trust myself, and the confidence I've gained from that has helped me to make huge changes in the way I eat.
Likewise, I have tried all the diets under the sun. Cambridge Diet, 3 day diet, slim fast and only one has ever really worked for me. Calorie counting and exercise.

It worked once before and it is working again now. :)


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S: 15st2lb G: 9st11lb
I like the idea of growing with confidence when it comes to food. I eat not just because I have to but because I enjoy it too. Food is away of life for me and the family. But perhaps I need to re-think this slightly and still enjoy food, but maybe try enjoy the right type of food and perhaps not let food be a guilty pleasure but a true pleasure and then maybe I'll eat beacuse I need to, not beacuse I want to ie. for comfort. Definatley food for thought...!
I've tried the lot! Have had good successes at weight loss on WW and Rosemary Conley, but that was many years ago. My main issues seem to be impatience...I want the weight off and I want it now! My hubby lost, and maintained about 8st on Atkins, and I have finally had more success on LighterLife - mainly, I think, because the results are seen FAST. I am 6st down, and feeling positive that I will get to goal, and maintain this year!

Personally, I think ANY of the diets work, as long as you stick to them.

Good luck everyone, whichever route you choose.


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I haven't done any diets because diets don't work. You have to be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle that will last for the rest of your life and not just until you get to target. I did Slimming World and got to target 9 years ago, and still do it every day.


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S: 15st2lb G: 9st11lb
Wow circes, 9 years ago you got to target and are still there. I hope I can be like that- you are an inspiration to all of us.

At the moment I'm doing Go Lower. Been really pleased with the results so far, 1stone=1month!!

Hope in 9 years time, I'll be where you are.


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S: 20st0lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 5st1lb(25.36%)
Hi All

I know I had done a few diets over the years but I thought I was in the minority, but it seems reading these posts maybe I am in the majority!

Well done Circes, hopefully in 9 years we can all look back and say how well we have done with maintaining.

I am also on Go Lower and it is working great for me as I am seeing fast results whenever I step on the scales and being impatient it is working for me better than any other diet I have done in the past.

Also because I am eating real food I can't see me having a problem when it comes to maintaining.

I am still wondering if age comes into this or not? Any ideas?

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