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how many pounds water do you gain during totm and also how does your morning weight..

differ from your evening weight?

At my last weeks weigh in at LL I was 10st 10lbs It was in the early afternoon.

During the week I hit 10st 7lbs on my scales at home which normally match the LL scales.

Then I weighed in yesterday at LL I was 10st 13lb! It was in the evening and I had come on that morning. Do you think these factors could have made such a huge difference?
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Deb G

Silver Member
TOTM water retention varies from person to person, so you'd probably be better off seeing what is normal for you.

I always weigh about 2.5lbs heavier in the afternoon than the morning on MY scales - but the LL scales come up with something altogether different! I have ALWAYS weighed myself first thing in the morning, so I take this to be my 'true' weight - however, the details on my ticker are my LL weigh-ins.

If you think about it, 1litre water (and remember - we drink minimum 4 a day) weighs 1kg (2.2lbs). If you have had water BEFORE you weigh - you're weighing yourself AND the water. I found this to my cost when I drank 2 litres on the way to a LL meeting (terrified she'd know that I hadn't had my quota for the day) and ended up with a weight loss of MUCH less than I was expecting.

Since then, I stop drinking at 12 on LL night (we get weighed at 5ish) so I know it is a more realistic weigh-in.


Happily pro pointing!
I am not sure TOTM effects me much at all, my lowest loss was 3.3 on TOTM week, but that isn't much lower that my other weeks. So am maybe lucky on that one, but then I only have 1 TOTM WI to judge.

I also make sure I don't drink much before WI.
One of the good things about getting old is you dont have TOTM:happy096: and your car insurance goes down. Mind you if they see how I drive, they would increase it (so my husband says):D
Obviously I can't comment on TOTM but it relation to water, I always drink less on a weigh-in day so it doesn't push my weight up. I also save at least two packs for after my weigh in. This is all possibly cheating but seeing as I have the same routine each week it is the same.

As for morning weight vs evening weight. I actually weighed a whole kg less when I went to be last night than I did this morning!

Deb G

Silver Member
I always drink less on a weigh-in day so it doesn't push my weight up. I also save at least two packs for after my weigh in.
Yep - I do EXACTLY the same thing!! Nothing to eat or drink after 12 if I am weighing at five. Great when you get there, wee, weigh then have 2 whole packs to indulge in!!!!:D
wow! im such a rookie. I always chug, chug, chug and have my packs as normal. Next weigh in day I will save some packs to tuck into after! And have less water. Um- how could I have been so stupid not to realise that?!
probably because it doesnt make a difference as long as you do the same each day. e.g if you lessen your water intake next week it will show a bigger loss, however the next week will be your normal loss because you wont keep decreasing how much you drink.

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