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How many red vs green days


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Hi and welcome :) The plan is GREAT isnt it :)

Which days you do is entirely up to you. there is no right or wrong. Each plan works differently for everyone. I am a veggie, so do 100% green days. Some people here you will see throughout posts just dont lose on green so do red. It is a bit of trial and error as to what suits YOU. The options for YUMMY meals on any plan is endless.
Get creative with all your old favourites to make low syn versions. Have a good search through all the recipe threads for tons of ideas.
I am never bored with the food, we eat something different every night and never the same thing 2 weeks running.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I find im doing all green days but thats probably because im not a massive meat eater anyway :) We're having sundy dinner today and ill be piling high with veggies!! :giggle:
Green days work well with work because you can have pasta and jacket potatoes etc :)
The plan is great :) You just need to work out what's good for you.

Personally I found that for me it's easiest to do red most of the week, which is lucky because I lose more on it too. I usually have a cereal bar (HE) for breakfast. Every day I make a big salad with any or more of the following: lean cooked meats, crabsticks, smoked salmon (if I'm feeling flush), tuna, or my HE allowance in cheese. I have it for lunch and again to snack around 5pm because I work funny hours. Then for tea I have meat with tons of veg, such as some chicken and veg stirfried with ginger, chilli garlic and spices. I find it easy to ring the changes by using different veg and/or spices so I haven't really got bored yet! At the weekend, I find green easier to fit around my other half and socialising.

BUT a lot of it just depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning. If I've got a hunger on for something in particular I plan around it, as far as I'm concerned that's the beauty of SW, and I know that's what will ultimately help me to stick to it. There's no right or wrong, some people find different days work better, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter how effective you find a day if you end up crashing and burning. I truly believe that if you listen to your body properly it will tell you what is best for it :)
I previously did green all the time and stopped losing weight so now I do the extra easy plan, normally fruit and yoghurt or scrambled eggs and bacon and mushrooms and toms for breakie a HUGE salad at lunch with either chicken, tuna, ham, what ever I can find in the fridge and the a main meal of spag bol or chilli, stew curry roast ect for tea. I love the green plan but I dont tend to eat as much veggies if I stick to it somehow I tend to stick to Extra easy now
The whole point of the SW plans is that they are flexible and enable you to make choices which fit into your way of life. Choose what suits you - you will find people on this forum who do all green, all red, all EE, or switch around to suit what they will be doing that day.
I love the flexibility of slimming world. Most of the time I stay on EE as its so easy to follow.

If I find I am not losing or even gaining I go onto red days for a few days to kick start the metabolism.

If I am feeling down or poorly I go onto green days as find they are better days for comfort food ie mash potatoes, slimming world chips and pasta.

Hope this has given you a few ideas
I do all red days becuase I tend to binge on carbs on a green day so red works better for me. Keeps me under control!
I've been doing mostly extra easy as I've only been doing SW for a few months and that was the plan the consultant suggested I start off with. I've had a couple of weeks where I've had green days but both weeks I stayed the same so have gone back to EE.


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