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How many syns do you use a day / week

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Croc, 28 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. Croc

    Croc Well-Known Member

    Just trying to get a feeling of how many you all use? Some people always use 15 per day or 105 a week, others I know feel safer at 5-10 average per day. So??? :)
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  3. Rach*B

    Rach*B Well-Known Member

    I don't tend to use very many, when I start an actual meal plan, I might work them into meals a bit better?? x
  4. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Well-Known Member

    The correct way is to use between 5 and 15 a day. Some people find that counting down works for them. If you use the search, this has been asked several times recently, so the answers there may help you :)
  5. spudnik

    spudnik Well-Known Member

    When I first started i was like im going to stick to 10, i was having 6-7 a day, a few weeks in i thought i really want some choc so i had the full 15 and then again all that week i had closer to 15 and actually had a better loss, so ive stuck to having 15 if i want them, yesterday i had 13. i incorporate mine into my meals if i need them but i do like to save them if poss for a treat at night like bag of crisp or choc it stops me wanting to binge if i have them daily, tonight im having toad in the hole so i will be synning 4.5 for a spoon of flour for the batter which still leaves enough left over to have a treat and maybe use some mayo in my lunch if i have a salad, i have 6 stone to lose nearly lost the first stone :D so when i find i stop losing or sts i can lower my syns then for a boost.
  6. pickpockette

    pickpockette Active Member

    I'm trying to stick to 8-13 a day so that i'm not feeling hard done by :)
  7. LisaC

    LisaC Well-Known Member

    I think there was a post like this last week, have a look as there may be some useful info there.

    I was always encouraged to use mine daily. I try to use at least 10 but I won't use them if I'm not hungry (which usually is not the case!). I like to have a Fibre Plus bar everyday which is 6 already.

    I tend to graze during the day, I always choose superfree but if I'm really peckish or fancying it I'll use syns, so I prefer to eat my syns as snacks, rather than use them in a meal. Everyone's different. Find what works for you & how you like to use them.
  8. ScarlettStar86

    ScarlettStar86 Well-Known Member

    I try and stick to my 5-15 per day, but as I count mine from Mon-sun on a Friday after work I add up what I've used so far, and see what's left from 105 (15 x 7) then I can go over by having a couple of drinks or a takeaway without feeling guilty this doesn't work for evetyone though, its all about trial and error I think x
  9. Ally89

    Ally89 Well-Known Member

    I tend to use up to 15 a day. Most of the time i use around 12-14, but some days i'll only use 8 or 9. I try to stick around 12 though.
  10. LittleFlutterby

    LittleFlutterby Fluffy lil flutterby :)

    I try to have less than 8 a day- just from habit really. 5-8 is usually my average amount.

    I don't save them, I used to a bit, but now I don't really need to. What I *do* do though, is if I have my treat for getting into the next stone bracket (like pizza or something) I stick to the minimum syns for the rest of the week- but I don't really count my treat- since its not that often ;)
  11. I tend to mostly have syn free days during the week. If I do have syns it tends to be within a meal, mostly quorn things. Then I work out what's left, take away 10 for my chicken jalfrezi and boiled rice on Saturdays and then go to the pub.

    With my weigh in day being Monday, I have to stick within my syns when I go out on a Friday. And I never have any treats on my weigh day. Friday nights are for that :)
  12. stivesliz

    stivesliz Well-Known Member

    My consultant says that syns are a vital part of the plan and weeks I have cut back I definitely haven't lost as much.
    I have ( at least ) 15 syns a day. x
  13. kimmie2709

    kimmie2709 Well-Known Member

    I'm really struggling to have syns this week! The most I've had is 1/2 syn which was chewing gum. I'm just not hungry after free food and feel if I have syns it means forcing them in me so I don't. I'm not craving for them either. Hope it dsnt effect my weight loss :eek:(
  14. Jaq

    Jaq Well-Known Member

    I'm quite changeable. Sometimes I use my full allocation, sometimes I'll have 5. It depends on how my cravings are doing. Most of the itme it's nearer 15 though!
  15. samjay123

    samjay123 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you could have a take away or something nice on the weekend if you fancy it :)
  16. Hayley3012

    Hayley3012 Active Member

    Omg chewing gum is syns *BANG HEAD ON WALL* I'm have an issue with this lol
    I didn't know this and its constantly in my mouth, even sugar free?
  17. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Well-Known Member

    Why don't you use your syns in your meals? Maybe use olive oil instead of fry light? Or add some full fat mayo, or drink a glass of milk?
  18. stivesliz

    stivesliz Well-Known Member

    I seriously wouldn't bother counting chewing gum lol. It uses more calories to chew it than are in it so keep chewing! x
  19. Hayley3012

    Hayley3012 Active Member

    My weight loss has been going really well, I've done just over a stone and a half since early Jan so I wouldn't change anything now, but you can't help but be shocked by the sneaky slient syns. Will rethink the gum if the weight loss changes. I do usually use pretty much all 15 or very close to
  20. kimmie2709

    kimmie2709 Well-Known Member

    Well I've planned a take away in on Fri but ill still make sure I don't go above 15 that day...will stick a hot choc in before bed most nites aswell to help lol I'm sure ill sort it out some how....if only I could still get my hands on those white kitkat chunkys lol
  21. x-lizbif-x

    x-lizbif-x Well-Known Member

    I average out at about 7 Syns a Day :)

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