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How many syns in half a loaf of tiger bread? Actually I dont wanna know


I ate my willpower!
I have never heard of Tiger Bread. Is it any different to normal bread?


I ate my willpower!
lol. I can't find it on the SW website. Who is it made by?


I ate my willpower!
I am still polishing my halo, so I dont know whats it like to be bad (I'm only on week 2 btw!!) :p


I ate my willpower!
Don't you just hate it when you feel hungry but cant be bothered to make something? Mmmm just remembered that I have some Veg tagine left over from last night that I can have!


Reached Target. woohoo
omg i love Tiger bread, its been 23 weeks since i last had some(not that iv'e counted lol). Just think it has the edge on normal crusty bread. xxx
I love Tiger bread !!!!!

I LOVE tiger bread, is the stuff on the crust a sort of marmite???? cos thats what it reminds me of, I asked the boy putting them out on the shelf in Morrisons once (he had white bakery clothes on so I assumed he worked in the bakery dept.) He just looked at me and said ''no idea it comes out of a white container!!!!!!
Anyway, whatevers on it its FAB.:bliss:
Tiger bread, I believe, is cooked/coated using some sort of sesame concotion, which gives it the slightly unusual taste and appearance. It is so tasty. Not so long ago Tiger was the only bread we were eating in this house! It got to be an expensive habit though..... Nice as a treat now and again though!

Thanks for that Emerald, Marmite !! what was I thinking, all i could think of last night was Tiger bread !!!!!!
my hubby bakes tiger bread (along with others) every day.
he is a skilled baker for tesco and comes home smelling of baked bread every day.
Tiger bread is a basic bread dough but the tin is coated in sesame oil creating the outer deliciousness of tiger bread :D.
it has a smell like no other bread. when he comes home smelling of tiger bread i struggle to not send him back to bring one home. lol


I ate my willpower!
Mmmm thinking I may have to try this Tiger bread thing in the future when I am a slinky size 10! :p

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