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How much and how tasty?



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hello my lovely...

it depends on your cdc on how much your packs are... but currently i pay 1.85 for soups, porridge and shakes, 2.05 for bars and 2.10 for the tetra packs...

ive not found a pack that i dont like. there are soooo many to chose from its like having different meals. but if you find something you like (me its the porridge) then you end up sticking to that mainly.. Lol... ive been having porridge for dinner... (and also just had it for lunch..lol)

people do pay differently so im sure there are many who are about that will be able to tell you how much they pay. :)
i must admit, i find it a struggle not to pick at food. but thats been one of my biggest problems, and why i am the size that i am. so im tackling that problem at the moment. :) but when i am not around the kids im not needing to pick. so it can be quite a breeze but other times its a nightmare...

I pay €60 for the week and that is for any combination of products. I prefer the shakes and love the spicy tomato soup (although you have to be careful how you make it or it separates and goes sour) because I can make them up to 400mls by mixing with coffee and mint tea. I love the porridge (the consistency of which is more like readybrek) but there is just so little of it I can't handle it. I was licking the bowl to get every last crumb!

I find it OK most of the time not to have food but as I don't have kids etc I don't have the tempation of cooking for others. I have eaten with others and have happily had my shake/soup and just remind myself of the bigger picture if I feel "envious". Somedays are easier than others but the other day I was nearly licking the telly when watching Masterchef! Lol

But your mindset will really influence you; so start out believing you can....

Good luck!
Thanks Kes and Goreygirl, Im seriously thinking of doing it, Kes mentioned before its around £100 per month, if I can keep to that budget that would be definately an option!!

Kes what do you get for £100?


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thats not cambridge love thats Exante. :)
thats not cambridge love thats Exante. :)
Oh I thought you said you were doing CD Ooops, is CD loads more then?


Slowly but surely x
I wish it was £100 a month!
Butterscotch shakes and Banana are my absolute favvo x


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i had done a little on exante, but doing cd as they are a bit nicer (although more expensive) and i get to get weighed every week....
I wish it was £100 a month!
Butterscotch shakes and Banana are my absolute favvo x
i had done a little on exante, but doing cd as they are a bit nicer (although more expensive) and i get to get weighed every week....
Dare I ask how much it is?? :eek:
From what I understand it averages out about £45-50 a week depending on how your CDC charges. Some (like mine) charge for the week irrespective of the products you take; others charge per type of product i.e. shake, bar, tetrapak etc

Oooh that is alot isnt it!

That may be over what I can afford :cry:


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exante if you buy it in bulk is £100. that is what i was talking about :) but you dont get the meeting every week. you just buy it from the company and away you go. :)
Exante isnt supposed to be as nice tho is it? x
I pay about £38 - £40 a week for my CD stuff , so about £160 a month ... it sounds a lot but we always save money when I am on it as no takeaways , meals out , vodka ...... when you add up all the little bits its amazing how much you spend on food a week .. I was spending £10-15 a week on fizzy drinks ....
good point there determinator :) must consider that then x


Slowly but surely x
My husband almost baulked at the price but I said we would be saving in the long run because Id munch my way through sweeties, pop and macdonalds with my daughter. Ok, we are not saving a massive amount but my health comes first and he is supportive providing I work out an economical way of saving on the shopping ( I do it) so I will make casseroles in bulk and pies and freeze them for him (he doesnt need to lose weight - boooo!). By making these changes to our shopping habits and menu planning for him, I can justify this and he is happy!


Slowly but surely x
jeez, I keep ctaching sight of my picture in my signature and thinking "Is that me?". No way am I straying from/cheating on this diet.
at least your doing something hun, dont put yourself down xx


My husband = My hero
Mines 37 a week sweet...

I get shakes and bars and suits me fine!

I'm the kind of person that if it doesn't come off quick I loose interest so this is the o ly diet for me

Well done on your weight loss so far and good luck in whatever u decide. X

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